Ole, ole, ole, there is Simeone saga


07/23/2021 –

Giovani simeone, lighting while The cholo He became a myth of the Attica for his passion, claw (and also arrival and goals) on the grass, he lives ‘tormented’ since his father assured that he did not see himself directing a son. Gianluca, although at the moment he has only been able to play in modest football (now on the CD Ibiza of Segunda RFEF), he has a vein that swells with rojiblanco leaving anecdotal how Diego Pablo lives the games. Y Giuliano, the smallest of the three … oh what’s next!

Pure claw, faith and ‘cholismo’ by Giuliano Simeone: fight until you invent a goal out of nowhere

I could not find a better time than 19:03 that honors the founding year of the Atltico to go down in history by magnifying the legend of the Simeone surname. It is true that it was not an official match, but it is already known that in the family all matches are as soon as you put on your shirt. Therefore, rebelling against his father’s premonition, he was there as one of the focuses of attention. Only those three minutes would it take to show that play by his last name: that which implies hunger, claw, determination and enthusiasm.

That is why despite being only 18 years old, he would take his peer out of the plane in melee. Raise your head and see the entrance of Sergio Camello, that intelligently let the ball pass so that Mario Soriano push at will and take the honors. It will not be the only time that Giuliano will show everything that has been soaked under that roof. Non-negotiable effort, constant struggle and energy. The way he lifted a teammate off the ground reminded him of when Cholo pounded on the doors of the rooms where he takes a nap before lifting the League of 96.

Another focus of the unrecognizable Attica was Salt, because of the fact that he may be living his last days at the club. Even resounding the words of Simeone in MARCA in which he would not hesitate to recognize that if Lemar had been suitable in the final of the last League he would have been bench meat, the 8 could not have had a worse staging: a loss in the middle the field will cause the tie of Diego Surez. It is true that Mario Hermoso He also made a key ring, but the little Nguez would be singled out. It would be useless to invent later a good drive that resulted in one of the occasions arranged by the active Mario Soriano.

The last to leave your business card would be Marco Paulo, that although he would not achieve that his appearances culminated in anything that would alter the final tie, he did appear as a filigree who wants to continue discovering more. Despite missing his penalty in a penalty shootout in which Grbic He also claimed his little prominence by stopping two pitches.


Oblak; Ricard, Sergio Guerrero, Mario Hermoso, Medrano; Germn Valera, Sal, Alberto Moreno, Mario Soriano; Giuliano Simeone and Sergio Camello.

Also played: Grbic, Camus, Montero, Javi Serrano, Fran Gonzlez, Marco Paulo, Riquelme, Borja Garcs, Arias, Rojas and Saponjic.


Toni Varea; Borja San Emeterio, Borja Vicent, lex Cortijo, Jaume Pol; David Sanz, Cotn, Tamayo, Juampa; Diego Surez and Ballarn.

Also playing: Miralles, Jara, De Frutos, Pablo Muoz, Jordi Tur, Cenos, Mario Otero, Ral, Sergio, Dani, Marcos Gil and Ebri.


3 ‘1-0 Mario Soriano. 32 ‘1-1 Diego Surez.


0-0 Pablo fails, for Grbic. 1-0 Saponjic. 1-1 Sergio. 2-1 Borja Garcs. 2-2 Dani. 2-2 Marco Paulo fails, for Miralles. 2-2 Tur throws out. 2-2 Riquelme fails, for Miralles. 3-2 Ral. 3-3 Arias. 4-3 Ebri. 4-4 Montero. 4-4 De Frutos fails, for Grbic. 5-4 Camus.


: Sanz Monge (Castilian-Leon). 36 ‘TA Sergio Guerrero.

Municipal Burgo de Osma

700 spectators.