Official: The Cowboys will go back to wearing their “retro” helmets and uniforms this

The 2022 NFL season will have an added ingredient that nostalgic fans will love. Following a rule change that will go into effect this year, teams are allowed to wear an alternate helmet during the season. In this way, many teams can pay tribute to their old helmet and uniform designs if they wish.

Well, it’s official: one of those teams will be the Dallas Cowboys.

This Thursday, the cowboy team announced its alternative helmet for this season. It consists of a version of his classic white helmet with a lone blue star, which will complement a navy blue jersey with white sleeves and shoulders. According to the announcement, the Cowboys will wear this uniform in this year’s Thanksgiving game, which will take place on November 24 against the New York Giants.

This uniform, it is worth noting, pays tribute to the classic uniform that the Cowboys wore at the beginning of their existence in 1960. The team wore this uniform until the 1964 season, when they changed to the silver helmet with the blue lone star that we know today.

“We are beyond excited to bring back our vintage helmets this season”said Charlotte Jones, director of branding for the Cowboys. “The white helmet, along with the vintage uniforms that honor our teams from the 1960s, have long been a fan favorite, and we are thrilled to bring back the tradition of wearing those helmets and uniforms on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you once again”.

Between the 2004 and 2012 seasons, the Cowboys used to wear their throwback uniform during Thanksgiving games. However, the NFL introduced a 2013 rulebook change that limited teams to wearing only one helmet during the season. In the case of Dallas, this limited them to wearing their usual silver helmets.

However, the NFL decided to abolish the single helmet rule in June 2021. With this, the use of an alternative helmet would again be allowed starting this year. In this way, the teams have the option to pay tribute to their old helmets and uniforms. Or, introduce alternative helmets that match one of their current uniforms.

Due to this, several teams have been announcing their alternative helmets for this season in recent weeks. Apart from the Cowboys, other franchises that have announced the use of “retro” helmets have been the Eagles, the Buccaneers and the Patriots.

Meanwhile, other teams have chosen to introduce alternative helmets that match one of their uniforms. Such is the case with the white helmets with black stripes of the Bengals, as well as the black helmets worn by the Saints, Commanders and Jets.

Memorable Dallas performances in retro uniforms

It’s worth mentioning that between 2004 and 2012, the Cowboys put on memorable performances in their “throwback” uniforms during Thanksgiving games. In 2006, Tony Romo set a franchise record by throwing five touchdown passes against the Buccaneers. While in 2009, Miles Austin also set a franchise record for 250 receiving yards against the Chiefs.

However, the last time the Cowboys wore this uniform, the highlight was a rival player. This occurred in the 2012 Thanksgiving game against the then Washington Redskins. On that occasion, the visiting team defeated Dallas 38-31 thanks to a stellar performance by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Interestingly, one Dallas player who was in that game is still on the team: offensive tackle Tyron Smith. If he’s active for this year’s Thanksgiving game, Smith would be the only cowboy player to have seen the Cowboys’ “retro” uniform come and go.

Without a doubt, the return of retro uniforms is great news for “old school” fans of not only the Cowboys, but the NFL in general. Of course, this is also a new opportunity for those who are interested in acquiring these helmets and uniforms as a collection.

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Official: The Cowboys will go back to wearing their “retro” helmets and uniforms this