NY Giants vs Eagles LIVE today | NFL Playoffs (0-14) | 01/21/2023

19:394 minutes ago

Gainwell with the 14-yard run and the Eagles are already in the red zone.

19:367 minutes ago

The Giants play it in fourth, but Jones is captured and they deliver the ball

19:33 10 minutes ago

Daniel Jones is caught and will be fourth down.

19:32 11 minutes ago

Cager with the reception of 16 yards and they are already in the rival field.

19:32 12 minutes ago

James with the reception on third down to move the chains.

19:19 24 minutes ago

AJ Brown with the reception to move the chains, already within the rival’s 30-yard line.

19:17 26 minutes ago

Smith with the long reception and the Eagles settle in the rival field.

19:16 27 minutes ago

Start the match. Eagles on offense.

19:10 33 minutes ago

We are minutes away from the action between the NY Giants and the Eagles for the NFL Divisional Round.

18:49 an hour ago

The Eagles come out as favorites according to the reports in the bookmakers with a difference of 8 points and in a combined way they are expected to score 48 points.

18:44 an hour ago

The first game of the Divisional Round has just ended where the Kansas City Chiefs suffered more, but managed to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 27-20.

18:39 an hour ago

The winner of the clash between Giants and Eagles will face the winner between Cowboys vs 49ers tomorrow, with the peculiarity that if New York wins the NFC Final they will play it as a visitor and if Philadelphia wins it will be at home.

18:34 an hour ago

Jalen Hurts continues with his shoulder discomfort but, despite this, he will be the starter tonight, remembering that he already saw action on the last date when they beat the Giants precisely.

18:29 an hour ago

The New York Giants want to surprise in the Divisional Round when they face the Philadelphia Eagles in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. We start with the coverage through VAVEL

18:24 an hour ago

In a few moments we will share the initial alignments of the New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles live to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs 2023, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from Lincoln Finacial Field. Do not lose detail of the match with the minute by minute and live online of VAVEL Mexico.

18:09 2 hours ago

This has been the growth campaign of Jalen Hurts, remembering that he missed some games in the final stretch and that is why he did not exceed 4,000 passing yards. Despite this, he already had time to rest and recover and will be the key man through his arm or through the running game to generate damage and win, remembering that if they win they will receive the NFC final.

17:59 2 hours ago

The Philadelphia Eagles finished as the best team in the National Conference and managed to win the first round, which allowed all their players to rest so that they arrive fresher and more recovered for this commitment, in which they are favorites and in which they will seek to prevail thanks to their good running attack and his explosive passing game.

17:54 2 hours ago

The New York Giants played a game bordering on the perfect against the Minnesota Vikings both offensively and defensively that they will seek to replicate this Saturday after they lost both games of the campaign against their rival. The key will be setting up the running game with Saquon Barkley.

17:44 2 hours ago

Welcome to the broadcast of the match NNew York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles live, corresponding to the NFL 2023 Season Playoffs. The match will take place at Lincoln Financial Field, at 7:15 p.m. sharp.

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NY Giants vs Eagles LIVE today | NFL Playoffs (0-14) | 01/21/2023