Nooo! The Azteca Stadium will be without the NFL again in 2023

Sutcliffe doesn’t like this…or anyone else. sad news for American football fans in Mexicobut quite sad —Above all, if they are one of those who prefer to see the grill in person, rather than lying in front of the chair. After a few weeks of deliberation Everything seems to indicate that the NFL will cancel its game at the Azteca Stadium for the 2023 season.

Of course, if you prefer to see the glass half full, this decision was made to receive another sporting event.

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Thanks to a report from Ian Rapoport the usual reporter, from—we found out that the NFL is thinking of canceling its game in CDMX for 2023 because the Aztec stadium will be receiving renovations for the 2026 World Cup.

It would be the fourth time the NFL has canceled at the Azteca

Although we have had some great matches at the Azteca, the simple truth is that the relationship of the Colossus is half salty with the nfl.

If this cancellation ends up being confirmed —which everything points to yes—, this would be the fourth time the NFL canceled its game in Mexico since they returned to our country in 2017.

In 2018 we were canceled due to the deplorable conditions of the pasture in the Azteca. Two years later, in the 2020we had a slightly more obvious reason in the COVID pandemic. In the 2021 health conditions meant that, once again, we did not have a party in our country.

Photo: Ian Rapoport

Although they returned in 2022 with a beating of the 49ers to the Cardinalswe will have to stay with the desire to see them in 2023.

Although it is not yet confirmed what will officially happen, it was Tom Pelissero from NFL Network who said that, now that they cancel their visit to Mexico City, the American football league will seek, then, to bring 2 games in Germany and 3 in London.

Renovations at the Azteca for 2026

A bad one… but for a good one.

As we told you, the main reason why the nfl would cancel his visit to Mexico is because the Azteca Stadium will be undergoing renovations to host the 2024 World Cup.

HERE We tell you all the details of that long-awaited little cat’s hand, but —if you want a summary— it includes a Shopping Center, a scrubbing of parking floors, remodeling in the Light Rail stations and other environmental projects.

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Nooo! The Azteca Stadium will be without the NFL again in 2023