Nobody counted on these Detroit Lions

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The Lions defeated the Minnesota Vikings 34-23 in a game where Jared Goff and Dan Campbell’s offense once again demonstrated why it is one of the most ingenious in the entire NFL

With this victory, those from Michigan have won five of their last six games, and they already see the dream of the playoffs becoming more and more real.

This season was looking like another disappointing year for the lions Detroit, after finishing last season with thirteen losses in his locker and only three victories, with a sea of ​​doubts about the future of the franchise.

The reality is that this year those from Michigan started in the same vein, and at the beginning of November they had a negative balance of 1-6, with all minds already set on the next draft 2023 and continue with the reconstruction of the team.

Dan CampbellLions head coach, has taken care that this is not the case, and a few days after the start of week 15 of nflthose from Detroit are one of the most attractive of the competition and have one of the best-armed offensive units on the pitch.

The last victory against Minnesota Vikings was the clear example of the metamorphosis that the Lions have experienced in the last month and a half. They scored 34 points against one of the best teams in the league (not one of the best defenses, mind you) and kept the game going on offense with a lot of aggressiveness.

Campbell was able to find his players in the best possible situations, exhibiting a wide range of possibilities on the field. play calling that already makes this team dream of positions of playoffs.


Despite who gets upset, Jared Goff, the team’s quarterback, is playing at a high level in his second season in Detroit. The one who was the number one pick in the 2016 draft selected by the Rams, arrived in Michigan as part of the package that sent Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles, and little was expected of him.

Goff landed in Lions with the sign of ‘urgency quarterback‘ and it was only hoped that he could do a decent job while his team drafted a big college star.

Who would have thought that Jared would be the main architect of one of the top offensive units in the league. His statistics at the individual level place him in the top 10 in his position in terms of figures. He is seventh in yards (3352), fourth in touchdown passes (22) and sixth in rating (61.2).

The numbers, for the moment, are in line with the sensations, since we are seeing a calmer Goff in the pocket and able to accurately find his companions. It is not outrageous to say that he is playing best level of his career, a player who has played in a Superbowl final.

The quarterback has always had a good arm to throw deep, but his poor pass selection has hampered him throughout his career to make mistakes and be intercepted many times. Dan Campbell has taken it upon himself to protect his player and has designed an ideal game plan for Goff, in which he shows off his virtues and minimize their weaknesses.

The head coach uses many receivers open to space out the field, and his quarterback is being able to find his teammates in the middle zone regularly. Without great fireworks, the ex of Rams is charging with responsibilities of which we didn’t think he was capable of taking on not long ago.

In the past five games, Goff has completed 117 of 169 passes for 1,311 yards and found the end zone eight times without picking up any interceptions.

Maybe he’s not the right quarterback for lead a franchise towards new horizons, but this new version of Jared, if it is maintained over time, can secure a position as headline in the NFL for years to come, either with the Lions or with other teams in the construction phase.

And it is that the antagonism between the offensive and defensive units is overwhelming in Detroit. The attack is the fifth in the entire NFL that scores the most, while defense is the second who receives the most per encounter, with 26.7 fitted half points.

These figures mean that the offense must be twice as efficient, and for the moment, this situation is occurring.


One of the best news for the franchise is the confirmation of Amon-Ra St.Brown as one of the best receivers youths of the competition, a key piece to Dan Campbell’s gear and to his quarterback when he looks up for hands to catch the ball.

Formed in the Southern California Trojans, Amon-Ra was selected in the 112th pick of the 2021 draft, in the fourth round. The experts predicted in the player a second row receiver, without too many options to become a first sword. Nothing is further from reality.

The Californian is among the top ten receivers in the NFL in receiving yards, with 898, and receiving touchdowns, in which he already has six.

St.Brown is one of the most explosives from his position and is part of a very talented generation of receivers with names like Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith. Despite the fact that his team’s aspirations are less than those of these players, the Lions man has nothing to envy him for what he talent naturally refers.

If no serious injury occurs, the former USC player will sooner rather than later be one of the main stars in the NFL at the Wide Receiver position. His seasoned character makes him a player who strives to the last yard to distance himself from his marker, a man who does not give any ball for lost.

The quarterback and receiver are joined by other talented players who are giving this offense a certain duality between the running game and the pass.

If we talk about annotation we have to get the name of jamaal williams to the table. The 27 year old runner leads the league in career touchdowns, ahead of names like Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry and Josh Jacobs, big words.

The one from Lions has found the end zone in 14 times and is insurance for Campbell in situations of short yardage near the rival endzone, since in eight of these touchdowns he has covered only one yard.

The BYU Cougars-raised player shares a backfield with d’andre swift, a third-year player who seems to have dropped his performance this season after two very promising rookie and sophomore campaigns.

Swift was selected with the 35th pick in the 2020 draft and quickly became the Lions’ starting running back, putting much of the team’s offensive play in his legs. But this season 22/23 is not being the same prolific for the runningback, at least on the run side.

Dan Campbell has given Williams the start in the backfield and is incorporating Swift in passing situations, being one more weapon for Goff in the passing game. He’s not being the best in the league either, but he could be a resource that will keep D’Andre carrying some weight on offense until he gets his best back. version.

Swift has a powerful lower body and the Lions will have the patience that is necessary for him to return to being the player he was in his first two seasons. In the penultimate game against Jacksonville, he had 62 rushing yards, 49 receiving yards and a touchdown.

In the position of Wide Receiver, to the names of DJ Chark and Josh Reynolds (both added touchdowns against Vikings) must be added that of jameson williams, who debuted in style last Sunday. After breaking the ligament crossed his knee last January, Detroit selected him in the first round of the 2022 draft, knowing his recovery time.

He had his first minutes in the NFL against Minnesota, and turned his only reception into a touchdown after a 41-yard pass from Goff. He only took one snap, but Campbell already plans to get the receiver on more snaps going into the next game, offering his quarterback one more weapon in that explosive offense.


The Lions are without a doubt one of the worst defenses of the entire league, at least in the global of the season. They are the second most points conceded unit per game, the worst in receiving yards per play and also the last in conceded touchdowns per game, with 3.3.

Despite the numbers, there are signs of improvement in the Lions’ defense, but there’s a big reason that stands out above all else: Aidan HutchinsonRookie Edge Rusher who is proving to have the wickerwork to be a future star in the NFL.

‘Hutch’ was selected in the second position of the last draft as the best player of his litter in this position. After a shaky start, Aidan is already the mainstay of that defense in rushing the quarterback and is a headache for opposing offensive lines.

With 7, the former Michigan man leads the rookies in sacks along with teammate James Houston, who has sacked the opposing quarterback four times.

Aidan also accumulates two interceptions so far this season, a statistic not at all common for a defensive lineman. Hutchinson has an unstoppable first step and his good footwork allows him to get rid of his pair in a few thousandths of a second. In short, it is a luxury to see him play.

Detroit has found in Hutchinson and Houston, sixth round of the last draft, a partner of players with a great future on whom cement that defense, and they’re already two very real threats in the pass rush.


Of the 138 teams that have started the season with six losses in the first seven games, only one has qualified for the postseason. The Lions are the last on this list with the victory harvested last Sunday against the Vikings. Will they be able to make history and get a playoff spot?

Those of Michigan face a relatively easy calendar. Jets, Panthers, Bears and Packers They will be their rivals, only those from New York being the only one with a positive balance at this point. There is no longer any margin for error and Detroit Lions will go with everything for a playoffs that they have not played since 2016.

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Nobody counted on these Detroit Lions