Nico, more daring than Fran and with the ’28’ of Busquets

There is no study that proves it, but surely to understand the game with the tactical sense and the spirit of solidarity, with and without the ball, of a midfielder it helps to have sucked football from a child at the home of a professional. Less clear is that debuting with the ’28’ in the First Division is going to boost the career in the first team of Nico Gonzalez, son of the interior left-handed sportsman Fran, but it is a reason for hope because that was the number with which it was released Sergio Busquets, son of the former Barcelona goalkeeper Carles Busquets, on September 13, 2008 in a Barça-Racing League. The 19-year-old Galician replaced the 33-year-old Catalan against Real Sociedad and is called upon to give him more than one break this season at the pivot if he maintains his progression. You will be able to learn next to the best in his position while rearing his head little by little.

Busquets, with the 28 in his debut

Busquets, with the 28 in his debut


NicoBorn on January 3, 2002, he was playing for Montañeros as a child when Barça noticed him. Fran He recalled in an MD interview in 2013 that he was shocked by his son’s determination to want to move to Barcelona when he was only 11 years old, in contrast to the doubts that entered him when he had a Barça offer, already more mature and in the best moment of his brilliant career: “I lacked the decision my son made. He was launched and told me that he wanted to go to Barça. I am one of those people who thinks about everything a lot more, who has a hard time making decisions, that’s why maybe I never played for Barça. Now I think what a fool I was, ”he explained at the time. At least, seen in perspective now, he did not dare to accept a very powerful proposal from Real Madrid either. So it would have reinforced his talent to the white club at the time (he played for Depor between 1988 and 2005) and because who knows where he would be Nico now.

Nico does not give away the shirt of his official debut with Barça

Nico, more daring than Fran and with the '28' of Busquets

“I thought he would not even be a footballer, at the age of six he did not like football and then he took a brutal leap,” he pointed out. Fran.

That faith is what has allowed Nico evolve until reaching this dreamed debut, overcoming some difficult moment and resisting temptations such as the Manchester City, with his father working on his grassroots football for a time. He stayed of his own accord and now receives the award.

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