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Had the Cleveland Browns played Saturday as planned, former Spain Park High School star Nick Mullens would have started at quarterbacks against the Las Vegas Riders.

The NFL game has been rescheduled for 4pm CST on Monday. But now, after spending the 2021 season on the Browns’ coaching staff, Mullens is the number one quarterback in the Cleveland Depth rankings.

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“He was ready to play, and then he moved.” Mullens said On Saturday. I said, “Okay, let’s play on Monday. I don’t think Monday is raining so I can’t complain. I’m ready to play and focus on work. “

After a positive test for Covid-19, the Browns changed the game of the NFL as they had more than 20 players. The league also extended the deadline to close its list. Teams that normally play on Mondays must complete their roster by 3pm on Sunday. For the Las Vegas-Cleveland game, the listing deadline is Monday at 1pm

This gives the Browns more time to review exhausted / Covid-19 quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield and Case Keenam and get back on the active roster.

“As you can imagine, things are very fluid” Cleveland coach Kevin Stephensky said, Outcast by a positive Govt-19 test. “In terms of guys going, not on the list, but we’ll see how it goes in terms of guys coming back. We do not know. There is uncertainty. Guys, it would be nice if I did it again. If they don’t, that’s fine. We have that mindset of where it’s headed.

The Browns’ first quarter Mayfield was out on Wednesday. Reserve quarterback Keenum has been out of the game since Thursday.

Although Mullens has been promoted to support Keenu in a game Mayfield missed due to injury, he has not played this season.

Cleveland linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. said Mullens’ team knew he was ready to play.

“Every day I go in. Nick Mullens is always in front of me ”. Walker said. A guy who walks into the building every day with the mentality of “I’m preparing like a headline”, you never know what will happen. He is the epitome of that. In training today, he made some great throws. I have no respect for him and his process of being a true professional. And it’s just hoping to get out on Monday and do a great job.

Mullens said he wouldn’t be with the Browns if Cleveland’s coaching staff didn’t think he could do the job himself. After being released by the Philadelphia Eagles, Browns signed Mullans on September 1.

“What I like the most every day in our team meetings is that Coach Stefansky tells us: ‘If you’re in this room, we trust you.’ Mullens said. “It can’t be true this week. We are here because our coaches trust us, so it is our job to show them that they are right.

Mullens entered the NFL in 2017 as a rookie and spent that season on the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff. Over the past three seasons, Mullens has started 16 games when Jimmy Carroll was out with injuries.

Only player in NFL history He has 4,405 more passing yards in his first 16 starts than Mullens. Current Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had 5,100 yards in his first 16 NFL starts.

49 players started the 2018 season with Caropolo at quarterback, but in Game 3 he suffered an injury at the end of the season. As Caropolo’s replacement, CJ Beatord, with a wrist injury, lined up for San Francisco Mullens and started the rest of the season.

After becoming the third player in NFL history to have at least 250 passing yards and three touchdown passes, Mullens completed 176 of 274 passes with 13 touchdowns for 2,277 yards and 10 interceptions for a passer rating of 90.8. San Francisco was 1-7 in its first eight games with Mullens 3-5.

In 2019, Caropolo started every game for San Francisco, winning the NFC Championship and playing in Super Bowl LIV. Mullens took seven photos and did not release a single pass in 2019.

In 2020, Mullens started eight games again, replacing Caropolo. Mullens finished 211 of 326 passes for 2,437 yards last season with 12 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Mullens’ 2020 season ended prematurely with an elbow injury in San Francisco’s fourteenth game. 49 players did not re-sign Mullens, and he joined Philadelphia as a free agent in the offseason.

“Nick is a young man, but he is a professional” Stephensky said. “He’s with two different teams. It is in our organization just like what they are doing in San Francisco. Understand how we operate. He did a good job (in training on Saturday).

“Once again, he has made a lot of plays in his life. He has played a lot of football in his life. The attitude is excellent. He is a professional. He does a great job day after day in that quarterback meeting room. “

At Spain Park High School in Hoover, Mullens won the Cadot Alabama Footballer of the Year award for the 2012 season when he threw for 3,649 yards and 40 touchdowns.

Mullens Southern Miss Leader, single-season and single-game passing and rushing yards, single-game and single-season touchdown passes. Mullens won the US Conference Player of the Year award for the 2015 season.

“Whenever he steps on the field, this is a new opportunity, this is a great opportunity.” Mullens said On the possibility of reintroducing himself into the NFL. “The goal is to play as much as you can, the only way to do it is to show it every day, at every opportunity. This is the next opportunity. I have been blessed in many different ways to take advantage of my opportunities, so it is up to me and our team to take advantage of them. Some guys get new opportunities, they don’t have a Will, so at the end of the day, we have a goal and we work to be successful.

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Nick Mullens of Spanish Park is QB ready for the 2021 Browns | Chicago See Red