NFL: What You Should Know About Week 3

In the past two seasons, seven teams started 3-0. This season the maximum number of teams that aspire to that mark is six

768 points were scored in each of the first two weeks of this campaign, for an average of 48.0 per game. Nothing bad.

During the first two weeks, 10 matches were recorded that were decided by a difference of maximum 3 points. That number of games equals the second-most in a season in league history.

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  • They have met 101 times in the regular season (Steelers lead 65-36).

  • Bengals: 5 losses in a row at Pittsburgh. It is his 2nd. worst streak in that city (They lost 10 in a row between 1970-79).

  • Joe Burrow (CIN): 0-6-1 in 7 career road starts. Only Peyton Manning (0-9) & Troy Aikman (0-8) registered more games without a win on the road to start their careers.

  • Steelers: 8 straight games with less than 100 rushing yards. It’s the longest active streak in the NFL.

  • Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Needs 2 TD passes to become 8th. QB in NFL history with 400.


  • They have met 121 times in the regular season (Chiefs lead 64-56-1).

  • Chargers: Your conversion rate in 3rd. chance (61.3%) is the highest in the NFL this year.

  • Justin Herbert (LAC): 300+ passing yards in 4 straight road games (Record for a Chargers QB).

  • Justin Herbert (LAC): 5,011 in his first 17 NFL games. Only Patrick Mahomes threw for more yards (5,381) in his first 17 games.

  • Chiefs: 10 straight regular season games without a double-digit win (Longest active streak in the AFC West).

  • Patrick Mahomes (KC): 16-2 in his career against divisional rivals. One of those two losses was to the Chargers in 2018.


  • They have met 16 times in the regular season (Browns lead 9-7).

  • Bears: 3 wins in a row vs. Browns. It’s his best streak against that team.

  • Justin Fields (CHI): Will start his 1st. game in the NFL. The last 5 QB’s who started their 1st. game against Browns, they won.

  • Browns: 4 consecutive victories vs. NFC rivals. It’s his best streak since 1993-94.

  • Baker Mayfield (CLE): 81.6% complete passes this season. (NFL leader).


  • They have met 14 times in the regular season (Patriots lead 10-4).

  • Saints: 70-50 (.583) on the road since 2006 (2nd best in the NFL).

  • Jameis Winston (NO): Threw multiple interceptions in 3 of his last 4 starts since December 2019.

  • Patriots: 59-17 (.776) vs. NFC opponents since 2002 (Best mark in the AFC against such opponents).

  • Patriots: 88 games in a row including postseason, in which they score in the 1st. half (NFL record). The last time they didn’t do it was on October 2, 2016 when they lost at home to Bills 16-0.


  • They have met 52 times in the regular season (Colts lead 35-17).

  • Colts: Only once in the last 20 seasons have they started 0-3 (It was in the 2011 season without Peyton Manning).

  • Carson Wentz (IND): In doubt to play with ankle injuries. He has 6 losses in a row as the starting QB. It is the 2nd. worst active streak behind Matt Ryan at 7.

  • Titans: 5-1 vs. divisional rivals in 2020. Their only loss was at home to the Colts.

  • Derrick Henry (TEN): His 5 career games with 200+ rushing yards have been against divisional opponents.


  • They have met 5 times in the regular season (Cardinals lead 3-2).

  • Cardinals: They are looking to start a season 3-0 for the first time since 2015 (They made it to the Super Bowl on that occasion).

  • Kyler Murray (ARI): Could become the first QB in Cardinals history with 400+ passing yards in straight games.

  • Jaguars: 17 losses in a row since last season. It’s the worst streak in team history.

  • Trevor Lawrence (JAX): 0-2 as a starting QB in the NFL. If he loses, he would join Jared Goff, Alex Smith & Eli Manning as the No. 1 overall picks in the draft to lose their first 3 career starts since 2000.


  • They have met 24 times in the regular season (Falcons lead 13-11).

  • Falcons: 7 consecutive losses since last season. It’s his worst streak since 2003.

  • Matt Ryan (ATL): Needs a TD pass to become 10th. QB in history with 350.

  • Giants: The only time they started 0-3 in consecutive seasons was 1995-96.

  • Saquon Barkley (NYG): Rushed for less than 100 yards in his last 5 games.


  • They have met 5 times in the regular season (Ravens lead 4-1).

  • Ravens: 41 straight regular season games with 100+ yds. terrestrial. It is the 2nd. Longest streak in NFL history behind the Steelers (43 between 1974-77), according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

  • Lamar Jackson (BAL): 4 games in a row with 80+ rushing yards (Longest career streak and longest active streak in the NFL).

  • Lions: Looking to avoid starting the season 0-3. The last time it happened to them was in 2015 and they finished 7-9.

  • Jared Goff (DET): 42 wins since 2017. It is the 3rd. Highest figure behind Tom Brady (49) & Russell Wilson (44).


  • They have met 14 times in the regular season (Bills lead 9-5).

  • Washington: 5 losses in a row at Buffalo. Their last win there was in 1987 (they won the SB that season). Washington: 30 + -30 vs. the AFC East since 1972. Those 30 wins are his most against any AFC Division.

  • Bills: They haven’t lost their first 2 home games of a season since 2010.

  • Josh Allen (BUF): 13 straight games with at least one TD pass including playoffs. He’s tied with Joe Ferguson for 3rd. Longest streak in team history, behind Jim Kelly (18 from 1986-87) & Ryan Fitzpatrick (15 from 2009-10).


  • They have met 36 times in the regular season (Dolphins lead 18-17-1).

  • Dolphins: 7 wins in a row visiting Raiders. That equals the best streak by any team visiting that team.

  • Jacoby Brissett (MIA): Will start his 1st. game since Week 17 of 2019. He is 12-20 as a starter in the NFL.

  • Raiders: Their 458.0 yards per game in 2020 is the highest average in the entire NFL.

  • Derek Carr (LV): His 817 passing yards this season is the most in 2 straight games for any quarterback in Raiders history.


  • They have met 37 times in the regular season (Broncos lead 20-16-1).

  • Jets: If they lose, it will be 1st. time in their history that they start 0-3 in 3 consecutive seasons.

  • Zach Wilson (NYJ): 5 INT after 2 games. Tied with Trevor Lawrence for the most in the league this year.

  • Broncos: 18-3 in their 1st. one-season home game since 2000 (Lost last 2).

  • Teddy Bridgewater (DEN): 250+ passing yards each of his first 2 games this year. Never in his career has he released that figure in 3 games in a row.


  • They have met 24 times in the regular season (Rams lead 15-9).

  • Buccaneers: 1st. team in history with 9 wins in a row with at least 30 pts. Scored in each (including Playoffs).

  • Tom Brady (TB): 10 consecutive wins including Playoffs since last season. It could become the 1st. QB in NFL history, with 6 different 11-win streaks including Playoffs. He is currently tied with Peyton Manning at 5.

  • Rams: 39-0 including Playoffs when leading at halftime under Sean McVay (Since 2017).

  • Matthew Stafford (L to R): 559 passing yards this season. That number is the 2nd. highest for a Rams QB after 2 games in the past 20 seasons (Sam Bradford threw for 651 yards in 2013).


  • They have met 17 times in the regular season (Seahawks lead 12-5).

  • Seahawks: They lead the NFL this season with an average of 7.41 yards per play.

  • Russell Wilson (SEA): 7-0 in his career vs. Vikings. He is the only QB in the Super Bowl era to have won his first 7 starts against that team including the Playoffs.

  • Russell Wilson (SEA): 99 career wins in regular season. If he wins, he will equal Terry Bradshaw for 3rd. fewer starts to reach that figure (147).

  • Vikings: In case of losing, it would be the 1st. time in their history that they start 0-3 in consecutive seasons.

  • Kirk Cousins ​​(MIN): 4 games in a row with at least 2 TD passes and no interception. It is the longest streak of his career and also the longest active in the NFL.


  • They have met 62 times in the regular season (Packers lead 33-28-1).

  • Packers: 30-16 on Sunday Night Football. Those 30 wins with the 2nd. Highest figure for a team at SNF (Patriots – 32).

  • Davante Adams (GB): 9 games in a row with at least one TD catch on SNF.

  • Aaron Rodgers (GB): 5-6 in his career vs. 49ers including Playoffs. It is 1 of 5 teams against those who have a losing record.

  • 49ers: Lost 3 of their last 4 home games in primetime. One of those losses was to the Packers in 2020.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (SF): He is 1 of 6 QB’s in the Super Bowl era to win at least 20 of his first 25 career starts.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (SF): 26-8 as a starting QB in the NFL His pct. trump (.765) is 4th. Highest for a QB with at least 10 starts.