NFL Week 8. Where and when to watch the games this weekend?

How fast! We are in the middle of the NFL season week 8 of 18 ongoing and each time we get closer to the savored Super Bowl, where we will see the confrontation between the champion of the American Conference and that of the National Conference.

This day, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens will rest, as part of the ‘rest weeks’ that began from week 6 of the tournament.

We started the eighth week with the meeting between the Arizona Cardinals against the Green Bay Packers that killed all the sports fans who saw the game on the edge of the bench, as there was a score of 21-24 in favor of the Packers. It should be remembered that, prior to this game, Arizona came from an undefeated tournament, with seven victories, which is why this game means its first defeat of the season.

This Sunday and Monday the games continue, and here we leave you the calendar with the schedules and teams that will face each other in this NFL week 8:



New York Jets vs Cincinnati Bengals | 11:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans | 11:00 hours | FOX Sports 2

Houston Texans vs Los Angeles Rams | 11:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers | 11:00 hours | Fox Sports

Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles | 11:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers | 11:00 hours | Afizzados

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers | 11:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins | 11:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Los Angeles Chargers vs New England Patriots | 14:05 hours | NU9VE

Seattle Seahawks vs Jacksonville Jaguars | 14:05 hours | NFL Game Pass

Denver Broncos vs Washington Football Team | 14:25 hours | FOX Sports 2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints | 14:25 hours | Fox Sports

Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys | 18:20 hours | ESPN, Star +


Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Giants | 18:15 hours | ESPN, Star +


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NFL Week 8. Where and when to watch the games this weekend?