NFL: Tom Brady receives a nasty joke from who was said to be his friend; he lives his worst personal and professional moment

For weeks, the former receiver Anthony Brown has used his social networks to leave ridicule and uncomfortable images against Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneersin clear reference to the current personal situation of the passer with Giselle Bündchenand this time he took it to a new level, as he opened a website to sell allusive merchandise.

From his Twitter account, he published a status with the hashtag #putthatshiton, where he announced the sale of a T-shirt with a photograph where he hugged the former model during the celebrations of the last Super Bowl won by the Bucs, with the word “Boomin” in white letters with flames on top.

Does Brown want to profit from teasing Brady?

The link posted by Brown runs an online clothing store called Boomin Store, which offers the garment for $50, as well as 4 other pieces in a limited catalogue. According to the former recipient, who did not make it clear whether it was serious or just a joke, the money raised would go to charities that work with orphaned children.

It has become customary for the 34-year-old former catcher to publicly lash out at his former teammate. Although they had a good relationship at first, Brown’s spectacular departure from the Buccaneers broke the bond, added to the phrases about Brady that he released later.

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Before the game the Buccaneers lost 21-3 against Carolina PanthersBrown mocked the quarterback by posting on his Snapchat account of Brady being hugged by his wife Gisele Bündchen, but with his smiling face instead of the original postcard.

After the game, he posted a meme of Tom Brady running bare-chested across the field, making a peace sign with his left hand. But what is striking is that the real image is of Brown himself from the emblematic moment in which he left the Buccaneers during a game against the New York Jets in Week 17 of the 2021 regular season.

Beyond the fact that Brown does it in revenge for everything the quarterback said against him, it is not known if there is an objective beyond generating controversy and making the environment around someone who was one of the few players to believe more toxic. on his talent.

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NFL: Tom Brady receives a nasty joke from who was said to be his friend; he lives his worst personal and professional moment