NFL: This is how this year’s triple card was scheduled for Thanksgiving

United States.- As is customary, the National Football League (NFL) will live three grids for Thursday, November 25, which will be the celebration of “Thanksgiving Day” for the beginning of Week 12 of the 2021 season- 22.

“Thanksgiving” is one of the most important celebrations in the United States and is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of November, with the aim of giving thanks for everything that has been achieved throughout the year, and to give you a better Celebrating Families The NFL is dedicated to providing morning games until late afternoon.

During periodization, Thursday is considered “Thursday Night Football”, scheduling the first match at night, but on “Thanksgiving Day” there are exactly three grids that are played and every year the rivals change, however two franchises are essential to that date, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys.

For that reason in this current year 2021 the two will be present for Thursday 25, although they will not be rivals on the field of play. Detroit will face the Chicago Bears in the first game of the day. It should be noted that this was the first of “Thanksgiving” when the NFL was modernized as such in 1934, according to the American football website.

The afternoon game will be between the Cowboys versus the Las Vegas Raiders, while for the night’s contest the New Orleans Saints will honor the Buffalo Bills at the Louisiana Superdome. The latter would be considered the TNF grid on a date other than Thanksgiving.

Why do Detroit and Dallas play “Thanksgiving” every year?

The Lions, from its beginnings as a young franchise, participated in the first game of Thanksgiving, precisely against Chicago as previously mentioned, previously it did so under the name of the Spartans. They were founded in 1929 in Ohio. George Richard bought the Spartans in 1934 and brought the franchise to Detroit, after starting in Porstmouth, with the goal of attracting more audiences.

On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys sought the same strategy as the Lions, nothing more than their appointment on the last Thursday in November took until 1966, although it was not easy to do so, since the organizers did not see with good eyes respecting the celebration with two games on “Thanksgiving”.

Thus, the former general manager, Tex Scharamm, created the internationally famous “Vaqueritas” with the objective of providing publicity to the American group. The result was shocking that the game broke attendance record of up to 80,259 attendees at Cotton Bowl Stadium. Cowboys beat Cleveland that time. Since then, both teams have been in charge of following the tradition behind their feats.

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NFL: This is how this year’s triple card was scheduled for Thanksgiving