NFL: This is how the playoffs would be played three weeks after the regular season ends


The 2021 season of the NFL is coming to an end, and in the absence of three weeks, there is only one team qualified for the playoffs.

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The Green Bay Packers, with Aaron Rodgers At the helm, they clinched the NFC North title by scoring 11 wins and 3 losses. Although the ‘cheese heads’ already have their ticket to the next round, they cannot relax in looking for the first place in the seeding of the Conference. The only one who rests in the first week of the postseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams are 10-4. It seems a matter of time for the top two to be crowned in their respective division, while the Cardinals will be fighting the Rams until last week for the Western throne. 49ers (8-6), Vikings (7-7), Saints (7-7) and Eagles (7-7) still dream of those wild card spots in the National Conference.

In the AL, there is only one team that has reached double digits in the winning box, which are the Kansas City Chiefs. The reigning two-time AFC champion is one win away from securing the West division title, leaving the Chargers out of options after their victory last Thursday.

Patriots and Titans vie for second place with a record of 9-6, But both have divisional rivals Bills and Colts a game apart.

The North is extremely even with its 4 representatives to a game difference. At the moment the Bengals are the best positioned.

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Although less, Raiders, Broncos and Dolphins their hopes are still alive at 7-7.
This is what the outlook for the playoffs looks like 3 weeks before the end of the regular season.


1.- Chiefs (bye)
Bills (7) vs. Patriots (2)
Chargers (6) vs. Titans (3)
Colts (5) vs. Bengals (4)


1.- Packers (bye)
Vikings (7) vs. Buccaneers (2)
49ers (6) vs. Cowboys (3)
Rams (5) vs. Cardinals (4)

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NFL: This is how the playoffs would be played three weeks after the regular season ends