NFL suspends Calvin Ridley for betting on league games

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridleywas suspended by the NFL for at least the entire 2022 season, for putting the integrity of professional football at risk by betting on league games.

Ridley will not play in 2022 and there is no guarantee about his future in the NFL even though he was considered to be Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan’s main target.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Ridley on Monday after a league investigation found that the player bet on league matches in 2021 while he was away from the team to attend to mental health issues. The league indicated that the suspension will be “at least until the conclusion of the 2022 campaign.”

The NFL claimed that the bets were placed during a period of five daysat the end of November 2021.

The Falcons placed Ridley on the list of illnesses not related to football following Week 8 of last season, which ended on November 1.

Ridley posted on his Twitter account on Monday: “I bet 1,500 total I don’t have a gambling problem.”

The player appeared to make light of his suspension by later posting another message. “I know I did wrong but I’m getting a year lol.” “I will be healthier when I come back,” he added.

Ridley defended himself in another message on his account: “If you know me, you know my character.”

No more involved in Calvin Ridley betting

During the investigation, the league found no evidence that insider trading was used or that any game was compromised by Ridley’s gambling, Goodell said. There is also no evidence to suggest that coaches, players or staff members were aware of the activities of ridley bets.

Ridley will be able to apply to re-enter the league after February 23, 2023.

During the winter break, the Falcons have not updated Ridley’s condition. The team released a statement Monday saying it cooperated with the league’s investigation last month.

“We first learned of the league investigation on February 9,” they said in the statement. “We have fully cooperated with the investigation since receiving notice and support the league’s findings and actions. We will continue the 2022 season with the decision that was made. Following the NFL’s decision, any further questions about the investigation should be directed to the league office.”

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NFL suspends Calvin Ridley for betting on league games