NFL: Sean McVay hopes Cam Akers can make better use of his opportunities

After the crushing defeat of Los Angeles Rams before the buffalo bills in the Kickoff of the 2022/2023 season of the National Football League (NFL), the head coach of the defending Super Bowl champions, Sean McVaywas realistic, after being overcome.

It’s been a humbling experience for us, but we’re going to stay connected, we’re going to look inward, we’re going to do a better job moving forward, but you have to give the Bills credit, and then we have to understand that we have to have that mindset. and that attitude to be able to move forward accordingly”, McVay said in a press conference after the game.

Sean McVay, who took the reins of the Rams in 2017, the year in which he was named Coach of the Year, had a perfect record of 5 consecutive opening games won, seeing his streak against the Bills end.

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Looking at the performance of the third-year runner, Cam Akersthe head coach was a bit harsh, assuring him to make the most of his opportunities, after leaving with zero rushing yards, even though he only had 3 rushing attempts.

Akers did not have a good first game this 2022 with the Rams. Photo:

Yeah, I think that’s what we expect from all of our guys. No matter who you’re talking about, you want to see guys do the little things the right way, compete with him without the ball. There were some cases where there were some positive things and some things you can do better. But I want to see a higher level of urgency and responsibility in it.“McVay said, via team transcripts posted by

Cam Akers was the best running back on the team in his year in 2020, however, in 2021 he spent most of the year injured from a Achilles tendon tearreturning for the playoffs, and leading the team in rushing with 172 yards, being important to the Super Bowl victory.

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I know what Cam is capable of. We have all seen the talent and how special this player is. I want to see him reach his full potential and that’s really all there is to it. I know what he can be and I am confident that he will be that guy that we have all seen at the right times as this season continues to go on and that is our job to help bring him out.McVay added.

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NFL: Sean McVay hopes Cam Akers can make better use of his opportunities