NFL rumors: Tom Brady could be replaced on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022 by… Deshaun Watson?


Faced with the retirement of the greatest quarterback in history, the Florida franchise is already looking for his successor, where one of the candidates did not play last season.

Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson
© Getty ImagesTom Brady and Deshaun Watson

With the end of the 2021-22 season of the National Football League (NFL)with Los Angeles Rams as champions, has officially begun the off-season and with it, the round of rumors, where one of the main chapters will be to see how Tampa Bay Buccaneers can find the successor Tom Brady.

After announcing in January of this year his retirement from the grid after 22 years, and despite the fact that there is information that assures a possible return to other teams, the reality is that the quarterback won’t be back and the general manager of the franchise, Jason Lichthas hit the market.

In that sense, a name has appeared that did not have action last NFL season, as a result of his extra-sports situation, and that, as revealed Jeremy Fowlerof the chain ESPNhas shown his specific interest in coming to the Buccaneers and taking Brady’s place.

The surprise and possible replacement of Brady in Buccaneers

We talk about quarterback deshaun watsonwho wants to get out of Houston Texansafter not having seen action in the past contest, which according to the reporter, is in the early stages of the evaluation processbut is looking the right combination of offensive system, training, talent and, most importantly, the opportunity to win.

The information adds that Watson evaluates as an option for 2022 play either in Buccaneers or Minnesota Vikings; although of course, he still has to resolve his legal conflict over the accusations of sexual abuse against him, something that has not yet happened.

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NFL rumors: Tom Brady could be replaced on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022 by… Deshaun Watson?