NFL Record Man Tom Brady: When Will He Announce Retirement?

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The name of Tom brady it is synonymous with success. Everything the quarterback touches Tampa bay buccaneers turns to gold. Whether your projects outside the fields of NFL or the shirts of the teams that he wears. With the New england patriots earned up to six champion rings. Then he made an unexpected move and signed for the franchise of Florida. In its first season, ring to the song.

At 44 years old, he will turn 45 on August 3, there is no season that does not speculate with the possible retirement of the best American football player of all time. Seven NFL rings confirm it. At the time of non-renewal with the Patriots, the rumors increased in volume, but finally surprised with his signing by the Buccaneers.

From there to encourage his faithful squire Rob gronkowski to play with him in Tampa. ‘Gronko’ He only asked him one question: if I go is it to win the championship? And Tom Brady did not hesitate: yes. Said and done. First season with the Buccaneers and first ring for the duo that does not go out of style in the American football league.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, after winning the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


This season, the Buccaneers continue to pace at least to reach the Super bowl. Right now he does not think of anything other than his eighth ring to continue making history. Because there is always the debate of who is the best athlete of all time and with each passing year, it seems more complicated than being the ‘GOAT’ get out of the hands of the Californian.

Add and go

20 years have passed since her first ring. It was in 2001 when he managed to get a place in the starting team of the New England Patriots. From there to winning his first Super Bowl. Since its inception, the NFL has changed too, not just him. And that is something that has been highlighted recently.

“The game of 20 years ago is very different, in the sense that it is more a competition of skills than physical football. It is as if in boxing they entered the ring and said ‘you can’t hit the opponent because you can hurt him.’ Look, we can all protect them. I’m seeing you. You’re watching me. Let’s do it, “he said in Sports Illustrated.

Tom Brady, in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in the 2021/2022 season

Tom Brady, in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in the 2021/2022 season


An interview given by the husband of Gisele Bundchen after being chosen by the prestigious publication as the Best Athlete of the Year. With maturity as an ally, Tom Brady has ensured that he has regained his own voice in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And also that he wants to keep winning, but … for how long?

Far retreat

There are big names in the world of sports like Zinedine Zidane that perhaps they retired prematurely. There are also examples of the opposite, athletes who lengthened their careers unnecessarily, becoming only shadows of their best versions. But Tom Brady is on neither point. And it is that the ’12’ seems to be made of a different mold from the rest of the planet.

Brady knows how to profit. He maintains a healthy diet and adds to that intensive training days, both with the Buccaneers and at home. To this he adds another type of work: mental. And all this together results in a practically perfect player. Without the age that marks your identity card is something more than a simple number.

Tom Brady, in a 2021 Tampa Bay Buccanners game

Tom Brady, in a 2021 Tampa Bay Buccanners game


“I would say that parts of me are 55 years old, other 25. What parts? I think I have wisdom older than my age. I think I have had many life experiences in these 44 years. When I go out on the pitch, I probably feel like If I was in my mid-thirties, I have to work hard to feel good. It’s a demolition derby every Sunday. I feel 25 when I’m in the locker room, I guess that’s part of the reason I keep playing. ” the quarterback.

At the moment, Tom Brady does not see goodbye close and is that, as he repeats himself, “it’s another sunny day!”. He has said that he feels the joy of playing, that he still considers it fun to compete and, furthermore, that he continues to “be pretty good at it.” “I imagine not playing, watching games on Sunday and thinking ‘They suck, I could do better’, and knowing deep in my heart that I could keep doing it. If I stop playing, I have to find something that I am pretty good at, but I don’t think I will find something else that gives me that level of emotion, “he revealed.

This is why it is clear to him that he will announce his retirement when both he and those around him recognize that he is no longer the decisive and winning Tom Brady who has broken all records: “Suffering a regression would be something difficult for me to see. soon as he sees me with a regression, that will be when I leave. I don’t want to see myself play bad. It’s just a constant chase of not wanting to be bad. “

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NFL Record Man Tom Brady: When Will He Announce Retirement?