NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 7 games

The Week 7 of the NFL started last Thursday with the tight victory of the beaten Cleveland browns, 17-14 on the Denver Broncos, in a duel marked by multiple absences due to injury.

The action continues this Sunday with duels that promise to be just as exciting and there are even tough tests for teams looking not to say goodbye to the dream of playing in the playoffs soon.

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After a couple of weeks of morning games, this week there are no more matches scheduled in London, the rest will also enjoy their break. Buffalo bills, Dallas cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh steelers, Los Angeles Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

These are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss any of the remaining matches of Week 7:


Brian Flores’ insistence that Tua Tagovailoa is the starting quarterback for the Dolphins At times it seems to be a message within the team, the return of the quarterback was expected to ignite a spark in the offense of Miami, but it was the opposite, they looked stagnant against the Jaguars in London and it seems that they will continue to wait for answers that leave more and more doubts.

Say that Falcons right now they are a comfortable rival for Miami it would be a big lie, in fact the Dolphins are now a very comfortable rival for Atlanta. – Erick Cervantes Roon


It is time for the Patriots show that the good feelings you have recently left can translate into victories and nothing better than a home game against the Jets.

New York he remains full of doubts and a talentless roster that urgently needs to surround rookie quarterback Zach Wilson with talent in order to become a contender in a division where teams in transition are the majority. – Erick Cervantes Roon


Green bay, after their defeat to the Saints It has established itself as one of the best teams in the National Conference and they calmly command the NFC North despite the losses they have suffered due to injury.

Washington He has suffered a lot from the instability at the quarterback position and it looks downright difficult for them to get the victory out of Lambeau Field.

On paper, Aaron Rodgers and company should have a quiet day despite facing a defensive line that is used to harassing the opposing passer and should take advantage of the fact that Packers They will not have their starting center due to injury and that David Bakhtiari, although he has already returned to training, is still not ready for the games. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


It is the moment of truth for Bengals, after only accumulating victories against teams with a losing record, they face the Ravens -which have also left some doubts- to define the leader of the AFC North.

Baltimore He has the opportunity, too, to give quarterback Lamar Jackson some support to keep racking up victories because they won’t always be able to depend on their quarterback to win. – Erick Cervantes Roon


At the start of the season, many could put this game as a possible early American Conference Final, but curiously the Chiefs have been far from the level expected of them and have suffered losses against other contenders, such as the Bills and the Ravens.

Tennessee precisely comes from a great victory at home against Buffalo –which many can blame on the rival head coach– but the reality is that the Titans They did a great job and continued to exploit the ‘Little Tractor’ Derrick Henry to crush the rivals.

Kansas city They are currently 3-3 in the AL West and a loss would put them on the same record as the Broncos, who already lost in Week 7 to the Browns, but the reality is that it is not to light red lights either since Chargers and Raiders they have not been able to escape.

If the Chiefs they dream of a turning point for their season, this is their best chance. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


Carolina started the season with three consecutive wins, but from there they have gone downhill with their losses in a row against Cowboys, Eagles and Vikings, but this weekend they have a chance to get out of the pothole when they visit the Giants on New York.

The ‘Big Apple’ as a whole can “boast” that they already have a victory so far this season, but the reality is that they occupy an unworthy position since they are only better than the Detroit Lions (0-6) in the National Conference.

Daniel Jones and company will not have an easy challenge since they face a great defense, but that has also been deflated since in two of their three losses they have allowed 30 points or more. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


A few weeks ago we saw the reunion of Tom Brady and the Patriots deciding in the final minutes with a missed field goal that gave the victory to the BuccaneersHowever, let’s not expect a remotely similar story this Sunday with Matthew Stafford and the Lions, much less Jared Goff with the Rams.

This game is the chronicle of a beating announced, Detroit it’s the worst team in the NFL right now and The Angels they’re on the other end of the spectrum with a squad that can win with their explosive attack than with a tight-fisted defense that concedes very little and has the ability to score points. – Erick Cervantes Roon


The Raiders silenced more than one when last week, following Jon Gruden’s discharge, they traveled to Denver to beat the Broncos and follow his fight for the leadership of the AL West step by step with the Chargers after the three defeats that the Chiefs.

Now, it is their turn to receive some Eagles They gave Jalen Hurts the vote of confidence and decided to thank Carson Wentz at the controls of the offense, but so far the bet has resulted in a 2-4 record to be close to the bottom of the division.

The Football Power Index of ESPN puts the Raiders as favorites with a 60.1 percent chance of winning, but we also know how patchy the bad guys are. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


For all those that this like a comfortable game for the Buccaneers I am sorry to tell you that it is not like that, Tampa bay arrives with a beaten squad that will not have receiver Antonio Brown and tight end Rob Gronkowski due to injury, on defense Richard Sherman is also low and the perimeter is an unknown and although Justin Fields does not command an explosive attack in Chicago, has already made it clear that he can move the offense and put his rivals in trouble.

The Bears They will depend on their running attack to win, but if they see a window they can exploit to score points they will take advantage of it, not to mention that the defense has enough tools to constantly unsettle Tom Brady. Don’t be surprised if it ends up being the best game of the day. – Erick Cervantes Roon


We can hardly find a more uneven duel than this since currently the Cardinals are the only undefeated team in the 2021 NFL season and, according to the “Football Power Index” of ESPN, the Texans they only have a 11.7 percent chance of changing this story.

Kyler Murray has shown the growth he has had and how well he has adapted to the work and system of Kliff Kingsbury, which has led them to an average of 32.3 points per game, in exchange for the 15.3 that “boast” the Texans, a team that also has a 0-3 record in someone else’s yard.

As if that were not enough, the defense of the Cardinals they don’t get enough respect despite only allowing 18.2 points per game. This is not about who will win, but by how much they will win Arizona and see if they are even capable of whitening Texans. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


Indianapolis started the campaign with three consecutive defeats, but has corrected the way since he has won two of the last three games and his only setback was against the Ravens in an engagement in which they sold the disaster at a high price, showing that they seem to have woken up.

Now they visit some 49ers that come from their week off and that, contrary to the Colts, they had started 2-0 and now they arrive with three lost games in a row, so now they are looking for the first success of the year against their people since at home they lost against the Packers (28-30) and Seahawks (21-28.

This Sunday Night game will already see the return of Jimmy Garoppolo, but not Trey Lance, who is out with a knee injury and has been officially ruled out. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso




Despite not having quarterback Russell Wilson and running back Chris Carson, Seattle had a good showing on his visit last week to the Steelers, this week we are going to see if Geno Smith and Alex Collins can handle the responsibility and Seahawks they will have to start praying that Wilson will soon return from his hand injury.

The SaintsThey are coming off their bye week, although it wasn’t enough to recover injured players like star receiver Michael Thomas, so we’ll continue to see a team with limited weapons but can compete if they open their playbook to Jameis Winston. – Erick Cervantes Roon


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NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 7 games