NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 5 games

The Week 5 of the 2021 season of the NFL started last Thursday night with the costly defeat of the Seattle Seahawks, 26-17 at home against Los Angeles Rams.

The starting quarterback of Seattle, Russell wilson, had to leave the game due to injury and later it was confirmed that he will miss at least four weeks due to hand surgery.

The action continues this Sunday with duels that could change the landscape for different teams, including some contenders.

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These are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss any of the remaining matches of Week 5:


Tennessee comes off one of the most unexpected defeats of the season by falling on his visit to the New York Jets so that the whole of the Big Apple obtained its first triumph of the year and now the Jacksonville Jaguars come with the same premise to leave the Detroit Lions in this department.

The main problem for the Floridians lies in the reports that emerged throughout the week as, apparently, the first year head coach, Urban Meyer, has lost control of the locker room and this will become even more evident o will dissipate on Sunday at home against Titans.

The priority for Jaguars It must be to contain Derrick Henry, who last year, in both games, accumulated 299 yards so that Tennessee He will keep both wins, but that will open up more options for AJ Brown, who aims to return this game as one of the options for Ryan Tannehill. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


I would like to say that the Saints They must be favorites to win, but after their inexplicable performance last week against the Giants, it is very difficult to cast a forecast.

And if that was not enough, Washington came as a victim to Atlanta Sunday before and managed to escape with a last-minute victory driven by a touchdown pass from Taylor Heinicke, if you want a reason to watch this game, it is precisely the unpredictability of both teams for better and for worse. – Erick Cervantes Roon


The Patriots must come to this match with a certain degree of motivation despite their defeat against the Buccaneers, if Mac Jones continues to put them in a position to win in the fourth quarter it will be a matter of time before the victories begin to accumulate and nothing better to start building than a visit to the inoperative Texans, with an offense unable to put points on the scoreboard. – Erick Cervantes Roon


When it seemed that Dolphins had hit rock bottom play one of their worst games in years to fall against some Colts who did not know victory, that does not bode well for a complicated visit to the defending champions Buccaneers, especially when we consider that they will face Tom Brady, a quarterback used to destroying the defense of Miami and again. – Erick Cervantes Roon


The Carolina panthers They are coming off their first loss of the season, but particularly on display as they came in as the best defense in the NFL and against the Dallas cowboys they allowed 36 points and more than 400 yards.

To the still leaders of the South of the National, but now tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they ran out of gas in the third quarter and that is where the Texans opened the gap to stay with the victory. Precisely a week before that game Philadelphia He was also beaten up by the Lone Star Ensemble.

The Eagles started the campaign very well, but since then they have only added losses to the 49ers, the aforementioned before Dallas and at home before Chiefs, so it is imperative to get a victory that looks very complicated to avoid that the Cowboys escape and they break the tiebreaker at the bottom of the Division with the Giants. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


The Denver Broncos They have put up stiff resistance in the AL West, but despite their 3-1 record, they appear in third place behind Los Angeles Chargers and Las vegas raiders “thanks” to their loss last week at home to the Baltimore Ravens to debut in the column of mishaps. Now, in the face of disappointing Steelers, they want to mend the way.

Even though we hardly go to Week 5 from the 2021 season, Pittsburgh are heading into their first losing season under Mike Tomlin if they continue the trend they have shown in recent games.

The Broncos come in as the fourth-best defense in the NFL, with one game less than Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, and will appeal to this fortress to return to the path of triumph and continue to sink the Steelers at the bottom of the North American. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


Incredible as it may seem, if the Lions They manage to get this victory they will leave the basement of their division, that only speaks of how bad the season has been for the Vikings and how much is at stake for them this Sunday. Minnesota He started the season as a solid candidate to fight for a wild-card spot in the National Conference and now they look closer to the first overall pick in the next draft than to the playoffs. – Erick Cervantes Roon


The set of Las Vegas finally lost undefeated last week by falling on his visit to Los Angeles Chargers, which gave his critics the arguments to say that his perfect 3-0 start was far from being his reality.

Now, at the brand new Allegiant Stadium, they host some Chicago Bears who have given rookie Justin Fields a vote of confidence, who should guide them to their first victory on the road against the season since they currently only accumulated losses against the Cleveland browns and Los Angeles Rams.

The Bears have a great balance in their game and Raiders they are the complete opposite, averaging 430.3 yards per commitment, but only 80 of these are rushing, making them a very predictable and delivery-prone team. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


Two teams with the same record (3-1) collide this weekend at Paul Brown Stadium with the task of continuing at the top of their respective division despite being in different conferences.

The Bengals They already have two duels against rivals from the Norte de la Nacional and, so far, their balance is 1-1 after beating the Minnesota Vikings, but a week later, despite the close of the scoreboard, they did not look good against the Chicago Bears; now, the Packers, will allow you to see what your true level is in this campaign.

These two teams were also very active during the week as the Packers They added linebacker Jaylon Smith to their ranks, but lost their best cornerback, Jaire Alexander, so it will be important to see how they make up for this loss and how Ohio will attack him. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso


After what was shown last year, a good season was expected from the Chargers, but is it that good? The Bolts They look like the strongest team in the AFC West right now and thinking about the playoffs no longer seems like a distant dream, so it’s important for them to get a good result at home against the Browns, which have been far from spectacular in recent weeks.

But it is not to be alarmed either, Cleveland You don’t need to score a lot of points to win, their defense has been solid and that could be enough to slow down the momentum of The Angels. – Erick Cervantes Roon


The Cowboys could take a comfortable advantage as divisional leaders if they manage to take this victory over the motivated Giants.

However, after what was shown last week, New York it won’t be a walk in the park for Dallas, who will have to be especially careful to stop running back Saquon Barkley if he doesn’t want to be surprised at home. – Erick Cervantes Roon


Every week that passes 49ers suffer another injury loss, although this time it was two with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and star tight end George Kittle.

Those voices shouting for a change of quarterback in San Francisco to kick off the Trey Lance era, they might be hit hard with reality when they see that the rookie is not the answer to ignite the attack right now, less against a defense like that of Arizona. – Erick Cervantes Roon


Without a doubt it is the duel of the week and perhaps more than one wonders the reason for this designation, but the reality is that the ChiefsDespite his 2-2 record and appearing at the bottom of the AL West, they remain one of the great cheerleaders of the 2021 season.

Now, although early in the campaign, we will experience one of the most important games and with direct implications in the postseason (if injuries do not interfere), since this can determine in the end which team will have the home advantage in the playoffs, as as happened last season when the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl, after beating the Bills.

The reality is that we will also see a duel of contrasts since Buffalo boasts the best defense of the season with just 867 yards allowed and Kansas cityAfter four games, they were the team that had given the most yards with 1,751.

Despite this, we know that the game will be defined by what both Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes can do with their arms and legs in a game that will lean towards the locals. – Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso




For those of the old guard this party must have a special flavor with the return of the Colts to Baltimore, a city they left practically at night to go to Indianapolis, there are many fans who do not forgive this affront, so it is a match with more than victory at stake.

On a purely sporting level, Ravens They look like big favorites with Lamar Jackson playing on a stellar plan, if we combine that with the problems the Colts on both sides of the ball, despite their recent victory over the Dolphins, then we will see that it will not be a surprise if Baltimore takes a comfortable victory at home. – Erick Cervantes Roon