NFL quarterback accused of sexual misconduct reaches settlement with 20 of the plaintiffs

Deshaun Jackson signed with the Cleveland Browns after a judge dismissed the case.

Photo: Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Quarterback for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, and former Houston Texans, Deshaun Watson, reached an agreement this Tuesday with 20 of the 24 women who filed lawsuits against him for sexual misconduct.

The attorney representing the women, Tony Buzbee, reported that lThe amounts of these agreements were confidential and that he would make no further comment on it.

Tony Buzbee detailed that its represented are still considering adding the Houston Texans as defendants after an investigation by The New York Times showed that team provided Watson with facilities for some of those massage appointments.

The first lawsuit that the pin received for sexual misconduct was made in March 2021 by Ashley Solis. The lawyer explained that the first applicant is one of four women not included in the settlement compensatory with the quarterback.

The allegations against Deshaun Watson surfaced during repeated massage appointments he had while playing for the Houston Texans between 2017 and 2020. The quarterback missed the 2021 season due to these accusations.

In March of this year, a Harris County judge in Texas dismissed the charges against the man born in Gainesville, Georgia. As of this announcement, Watson signed with the Cleveland Browns for five years. and 230 million dollars.

On April 19, the quarterback showed up for offseason training with the Browns. In his first conversation with the media the quarterback spoke of his innocence and the work he would undertake to improve his image.

“I’m just going to keep fighting to rebuild my name and my appearance in the community,” he stressed at the time.

A week ago Watson lamented how this case affected those close to him.
I have regrets regarding the impact on my family, this organization, my teammates and the Browns fans. That’s what I regret, the impact it has caused so many people. It’s hard to deal with that,” he pointed out.

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NFL quarterback accused of sexual misconduct reaches settlement with 20 of the plaintiffs