NFL predictions: bets, predictions and picks for Week 3 of the 2022 season

Week by week, the nfl fans can add emotion to each meeting, playing with the betting shops.

Following, the NFL Week 3 predictionswith the spread or handicap (advantage of points expected for the winner), as well as the total points of the match. At his side, the The Sporting News predictionsboth the final result and the over/under of total points.

NFL Predictions: Bets, Predictions and Picks for Week 3

Day Local Visitor Spread Forecast Points Forecast
Thursday, September 22 Brown’s Steelers Browns-5 Browns 20-17 38.5 Under
Sunday September 25 dolphins Bills Bill -4.5 Bills 31-27 51 Over
Sunday September 25 jets Bengals Bengals -4.5 Bengals 30-17 Four. Five Over
Sunday September 25 titans raiders Raiders-1 Titans 30-27 45.5 Over
Sunday September 25 panthers saints Saints-3 Saints 20-13 40.5 Under
Sunday September 25 patriots ravens Ravens-3 Ravens 24-20 44.5 Under
Sunday September 25 vikings Lions Vikings-7 Vikings 34-17 52.5 Over
Sunday September 25 commanders eagles Eagles-4 Eagles 35-27 50.5 Over
Sunday September 25 Colts chiefs Chiefs-6.5 Chiefs 31-24 49.5 Over
Sunday September 25 bears Texans Bears -2.5 Bears 24-20 39 Over
Sunday September 25 chargers Jaguars Chargers-7 Chargers 34-24 47.5 Over
Sunday September 25 Cardinals rams Rams-4 Rams 30-22 fifty Over
Sunday September 25 Buccaneers packers Buccaneers-2.5 Buccaneers 24-20 41.5 Over
Sunday September 25 Seahawks falcons Seahawks-2 Falcons 23-20 42 Over
Sunday September 25 broncos 49ers 49ers 26-20 43 Over
Monday September 26 giants cowboys Giants-2.5 Cowboys 24-23 39.5 Over

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NFL predictions: bets, predictions and picks for Week 3 of the 2022 season