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The postseason is the desire that several franchises of the NFL from the beginning. For the 2021/2022 season, it is known that there are a total of six classified by their records in the regular season. In the American Conference, the only one who achieved his place was Kansas city chiefs. For the National Conference, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas COwboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams they are the ones who already have their ticket insured.

Tom Brady will look to return to win the Super Bowl trophy for the eighth time to expand his history in American football. On his way, he will have to defeat some teams that grew up like the Dallas Cowboys, one of the candidates to keep the trophy, or the Green Bay Packers, who have a very big amulet in Aaron Rodgers. The quarterbacks will play an essential role.

It is also true that there are some teams that are still searching for the remaining places. The American Conference is the closest this year and has some teams that are very close to achieving it. Tennessee Titans Y Cincinnati Bengals they are two of the teams that could get it in week 17 of competition. Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins they also seek their place.

In the National Conference there are two teams that are about to get their ticket in the next Playoffs instance. One of them is Philadelphia Eagles. If he defeats Washington this week, he will get his place. The other team vying for a spot is San Francisco 49ers.

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In the bubble, that is, those who would enter last place, there are several candidates fighting for that place. Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos they are for the American zone. On the national side, they find chances Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints Y Washington Football Team.

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NFL Playoffs 2021: which teams are classified and how is the postseason picture – The Intranews