NFL Offseason 2022: The needs of the Bears, Dolphins and the other teams eliminated from the playoffs

Not all eyes are on him superbowl for the franchises National Football League (NFL). There are teams that, knowing the season was coming, they have a plan that will take a couple of years to show results, therefore dream of the NFL Playoffs may not be the right thing, at least for now.

This is how, even several weeks in advance, there are several teams that, due to poor sports performance, disconnections between players and coaches, or problems not related to sports, start weighing in 2022.

Bolavip tells you about franchises already eliminated of the contention to reach the grand finale of the NFL in the sofi stadium and their needs to continue to improve or, in some cases, put a whole new face on the team.

Indianapolis Colts can give more


Yes OK the Colts left a lot to be desired at the end of their season, the foundation of the team is to compete for the division in 2022. With Jonathan Taylor and a very interesting defense, Indianapolis will have little work to do in the offseason.

Still, there are some doubts. Wentz will enter a year where he will have to prove that he can be the franchise quarterback, and for that he must have all the help possible: getting weapons and a good protector of the blind side is among the priorities of Frank Reich and company.

Los Angeles Chargers on the right track


In a movie ending the Chargers missed the playoffs after a season where it seemed, for the first time in a long time, that they were going to enter on foot. But the direction is correct, and his game is a vision of it.

Los Angeles has to find someone to help Joey Bosa on the lane, both outside and abroad. That must be the priority in this offseason that begins. They also could use some help on the perimeter.

Improve lines for Baltimore Ravens


Within a 2021 season that was not for the good of the Baltimore Ravens’ capabilities (at least in the previous one), this team has to get excited about 2022. With a healthy team and some important additions, John Harbaugh’s team will be competitive again.

Where should they be reinforced? The trenches. The offensive line just isn’t athletic enough to handle the Ravens’ running game, while the defense has to find a way to generate more pressure.

Few holes for New Orleans Saints


Sean Payton’s ensemble was really out of luck in 2021: after a season start where it seemed that they were going to fight for the division, the injuries of several of their protagonists, particularly their quarterback Jameis Winston, made the saints out of contention with seven straight losses.

By 2022, his main enemy will once again be salary space, since to date New Orleans is $61 million over the cap. With little margin and much to decide, defining quarterback and who protects him will be one of the keys to the team in the offseason.

Minnesota Vikings fail to fix defense

NEEDS: Coaching, CBs

It’s time for minnesota vikings, after missing the playoffs for the second consecutive season, put an end to Mike Zimmer’s cycle at the helm of the franchise. In 2021, he was totally lost with control of the team, both on and off the field of play..

Other than that, the defense is lacking in talent all over the place, but the highest priority is finding, at least, a CB that can yield them in the NFL average the 17 games. Neither Patrick Peterson, nor Brashaud Breeland, nor Jeff Gladney were the answer.

What is the future in the Atlanta Falcons?


Nobility Obliges: Little was hope for this team of Atlanta Falcons before the season, and they have surprised with excellent matches, although they have also been marked by irregularity.

Calvin Ridley situation forces Falcons to rethink receiver position. Outside of AJ Terrell, one of the best cornerbacks in 2021, Atlanta has no talent in that area of ​​the field. Matt Ryan is still reliable, but he’s certainly not getting any younger. QB change is imminent.

Washington Football Team needs a quarterback


After being champions of the division last season, 2021 was not very kind to the Washington Football Team, a franchise that continues to find a way to fit back into the National Football League.

Like any team, they will need a quarterback for that, taking into account that Heinicke was not the answer. The same goes for the LBs, particularly inside, where there was no consistency in either Davis or Holcomb. Adding talent at depth at safeties also has to be on the list.

There was no Cinderella story for the Miami Dolphins


Miami Dolphins had one of the worst starts in franchise history, but their seven-game winning streak put them in a good position to qualify for the postseason … until their loss to the Titans.

It will be time to rethink several places on the roster, in addition to the position of GM, Chris Grier. Everything indicates that at least one more year will continue, so the Dolphins will need to focus on having a three-down running back and adding depth and talent down the line.. Another LB leading the defense wouldn’t hurt Brian Flores and company either.

Cleveland Browns, the return to dysfunction?

NEEDS: WR, Pass Rush

The Brown’s They had a season where controversy was the order of the day, and that’s part of why they stayed out of the Playoffs. But also, Like almost no other team, Kevin Stefanski’s team suffered from injuries in key positions.

The output of OBJ makes catcher a must, even though Jarvis Landry and Donovan Peoples-Jones are already on the roster. in defense, Myles Garrett needs help on his opposite side, considering Javedeon Clowney will be an expensive option in the offseason.

Time to change the image for the Denver Broncos

NEEDS: Coaching, QB, Edge

The Denver Broncos season was disappointing again, and after some time being considered in the American Conference, they will miss the Playoffs again. Apparently, this will be the offseason of change for the whole of the State of Colorado.

Vic Fangio has not worked out as his head coach, a doubt many put on his back when he took over. The same goes for their quarterback, Drew Lock, who never became what the Broncos wanted from him. Also, Denver will have to add talent on the edge, something he lost after the Von Miller trade.

New York Giants and their 180 degree turn

NEEDS: QB, OL, Management

While all indications are that both quarterback Daniel Jones and head coach Joe Judge will return in 2022, New York Giants must shuffle and hit again after confirming this season that they will end with a negative record for the fifth consecutive year. That could happen this offseason, with Dave Gettleman much discussed in the GM position.

The offensive weapons are there, but New York was tied to the bad call of plays from Jason Garrett and, unfortunately for them, Daniel Jones has not been able to become what they dreamed of. A probable change of QB and a new reconstruction of the line are imperative in the blue half of the Big Apple.

Seattle Seahawks out again

NEEDS: QB or HC, young talent

Seattle Seahawks made a slew of additions last offseason, but the run of 2021 has shown that, aside from what little help they’ve received in terms of roster health, no one has really worked.

The Seahawks likely consider that there is a cycle that is completed in 2022: it remains to be seen if Russell Wilson It will come out via trade or it will be the end of the Pete Carroll era. Whatever the decision, Seattle also needs more young players capable of giving the franchise a quality leap.

Carolina Panthers and a possible offensive renovation

NEEDS: QB, OL, depth

Yes Carolina Panthers he had a chance to enter the playoffs, it was purely and exclusively because of his defense. On the other side of the ovoid, absolutely everything that could go wrong, did: The offensive line fell short, the QB position was an unknown, Christian McCaffrey struggled with injuries again, and Carolina fired its offensive coordinator midseason.

The Panthers must make a decision with their marshal, and the options do not seem the most appropriate, at least within the franchise. The OL must also step up, not only because of their early talent, but also because of their variants, something that has been missing at various positions throughout the roster.

Chicago Bears and their decisions to make

NEEDS: Head coach, WR, OL

Matt Nagy got off to a phenomenal start as the head coach in the bears, winning the division title in his first year. But two consecutive .500 seasons and the ineffectiveness of 2021 have put him in a hot seat that’s hard to cool down.

Chicago must change the helmsman if it wants to be competitive again. For that, a new coach can give his quarterback of the future, Justin Fields, a fresh look and a new vision regarding the evaluation of talent, particularly in the group of receivers and the offensive line, weak points par excellence of this team. .

Detroit Lions, in the right direction?

Needs: WRs, QB, LB

Apart from the fact that his game has not been the best, Dan Campbell’s team really has bent over backwards (and more) to lose a few games this season. They need to take steps forward in coaching, but trust in their HC exists, and that is a big step.

Lions doesn’t really have a WR1, with various names throughout the season trying to stick to that moniker. Jared Goff, after arriving in exchange from Los Angeles Rams, not the answer at quarterback, and the defense needs to add talent across different dimensions, particularly LBs.

Jacksonville Jaguars, nothing to lose and everything to gain

Needs: coaches, defense

There aren’t many other projects that have crashed as much as the one from jacksonville jaguars. The Florida team had done almost everything right in terms of signings, had the best quarterback in the draft and a supposedly luxurious payroll on the sideline.

The result? Urban Mayer did not finish his season as the team’s HC, and absolutely every aspect on and off the field has looked horrible. The Jaguars need to shuffle and give again, for the second year in a row.

Houston Texans and the search for an offense

Needs: QB, OL, talent

Houston’s season, despite the fact that its record does not indicate it, has not gone badly as expected. The Texans found several veterans that will welcome the rookies who will shape the future of this team in upcoming drafts.

But obviously they need a QB. Without a quarterback you can’t win football games. Additionally, David Culley’s men will need to add talent at nearly every position, particularly on the line and perimeter.

New York Jets, one defense away from being competitive

Needs: Pass-rushers, high school

The Zack Wilson experiment did not start in the best way in New York, with the quarterback missing much of the season through injury. But the offense is armed: it only remains for the coaches to make it work.

But the defense has been, by far, the worst unit on this team, and one of the most mediocre in the NFL. Carl Lawson seemed like the best addition to this team, but he didn’t play a single game, and the Jets have to start thinking about their future without CJ Mosley and Marcus Maye in 2022.


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NFL Offseason 2022: The needs of the Bears, Dolphins and the other teams eliminated from the playoffs