NFL Odds for Week 8 – 2021 NFL Season

Without a doubt, week 7 was not easy in betting, but it is already part of the record book, now we are going with the NFL odds for week 8. After a week of 13 games, we will now have two more games in which they shine even, although always in the world of bets we can find these jewels in the odds.

Let’s see how I did in last week’s recommendations:

  • Broncos (+3.5) vs Browns (-3.5), Pick: High of 41.5 points [Incorrecto]
  • Falcons (-2.5) vs Dolphins (+2.5), Pick: Falcons (-2.5) [Incorrecto]
  • Chiefs (-5.5) vs Titans (+5.5), Pick: Titans (+2.5) [Correcto]
  • Texans (+17.5) vs Cardinals (-17.5), Pick: Texans (+17.5) [Incorrecto]

Too bad for my very early betting recommendations. Last Thursday night’s offenses didn’t help, the Falcons got caught up in it and the Texans didn’t even get their hands on garbage time.

Now we go with the picks that I like this week 8 of the 2021 NFL season.

  • Titans (-1.5) vs Colts (+1.5), Pick: Colts (+1.5)
  • 49ers (-3.5) vs Bears (+3.5), Pick: High of 39.5 points
  • Buccaneers (-5.5) vs Saints (+5.5), Pick: Buccaneers (-5.5)
  • Cowboys (-2.5) vs Vikings (+2.5), Pick: Cowboys (-2.5)

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These are the NFL Odds for Week 8 of the 2021 NFL Season:

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NFL Odds for Week 8 – 2021 NFL Season