NFL News – Friday, October 22, 2021

In this Friday’s NFL news: Von Miller, Denzel Ward, injured at TNF; Josh Jacobs criticizes the environment with John Gruden; the US House of Representatives gets involved in the investigation of the WFT; and more. Don’t miss the NFL news.

Von Miller, Denzel Ward, injured at TNF

Josh Jacobs criticizes the environment with John Gruden

After the resignation of John Gruden as head coach of Las Vegas just a couple of weeks ago, this Thursday RB Josh Jacobs did not hesitate to publicly criticize the work environment he breathed with Gruden, and at the same time compared him to his successor in the position, Rich Bisaccia, who apparently brought a significantly different culture to the team:

“Man, the sideline… it was like [no había] anxiety, ”Jacobs noted, via Adam Hill’s Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It was as if the whole world was calm. You didn’t have anyone cursing you or going crazy with the referees. Nothing of that. (…) They all motivated each other. You saw a lot of defenders standing up and guys on the offense jumping off the bench when the defense was making plays. I thought, that’s the right kind of energy that we need. I loved”.

Jacobs had his most productive day of the regular season so far registering 82 total yards from scrimmage last week as the Raiders debuted a new interim head coach while at the same time snapping a two-game losing streak by beating Denver. And all indications are that Bisaccia provides a more renewed opportunity for Las Vegas to continue fighting for the AFC West divisional title. Should John Gruden have quit earlier?

The United States House of Representatives becomes involved in the investigation of the WFT

Graham Gano criticizes Carolina staff for almost ruining her career

This coming Sunday, when the Panthers visit the Giants, for New York kicker Graham Gano, it will be something of a personal rematch. Gano was with Carolina from 2012 to 2019, however, that last year he did not play a single game due to a left leg injury, but this Thursday, Ganó did not hesitate to criticize the Panthers medical staff for having done a wrong diagnosis that ultimately led him to miss the entire 2019 NFL Season.

“It was an injury that could have ended my career,” said Gano, through Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “All of that was mishandled. They told me I had an injury when it was actually much worse than that. What really needed to be fixed was not. I shouldn’t have missed the entire season that I missed. But there’s no way to change it now, so I’m just thankful to be playing here. “

Going back to 2019, when the Panthers designated Gano to IR, the official statement from former GM Marty Hurney noted: “Unfortunately, Graham still has pain in his supporting leg every time he tries to perform the kicks. These are tough decisions and we discussed all the options, but ultimately we decided to put Graham on injured reserve. “

After this designation, Carolina decided to cut Gano from the roster of 53, so in 2020 he signed with the Giants, and so far he has had great numbers, hitting 43 field goals in 46 attempts and 27 of 29 extra points made. Will he be able to perform well the following Sunday?

Detroit to induct Chris Spielman to Pride of Lions

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