NFL News – Friday, December 3, 2021

In the NFL news this Friday: JJ Watt would return with Arizona for the Playoffs; Antonio Brown, suspended for “misrepresenting his vaccination status”; Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins would play in Week 13; and more. Don’t miss the NFL news.

JJ Watt could return with the Cardinals for playoffs

Good news for the Cardinals. This Thursday, NFL’s Ian Rapoport Half commented on an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show that I would not rule out that LB JJ Watt, who suffered a severe shoulder injury in Week 7, could return to the active Arizona roster to be present in Super Bowl LVI, or even, for the NFC Championship Game: ” There is a realistic chance that he will return if the Arizona Cardinals continue to win. “

Due to his injury, it is understandable that there is doubt about a possible return for Watt for this season. After he suffered a shoulder injury in Week 7 against Houston, NFL Network reported that Watt tore his labrum, biceps and rotator cuff, in addition to dislocating his shoulder. His estimated recovery time was three months, so his 2021 NFL Season was destined to end prematurely.

However, among Watt’s most outstanding qualities is his work ethic, which is why HC Kliff Kingsbury would not be surprised if the five-time Pro Bowler and three-time Defensive Player of the Year managed to play again this season: “No. you can rule it out, ”Kingsbury said. “It is a machine and it has been working like crazy (…). Today (Thursday), he was out there in the field running. So you never know with him ”.

This Thursday, Watt was seen working out alongside a Cardinals physical trainer during the open portion of the team’s training session. And shortly after practice, regarding his thinking about his shoulder injury, Watt did not hesitate to quote physicist Albert Einstein via Twitter: “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

Watt has previously accomplished the impossible. After suffering a pectoral muscle tear in Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season, he underwent surgery and was not expected to see him back on the field until the start of the 2020 campaign. However, three months after the mishap, Watt was in uniform for the Texans’ Wild Card game against the Bills.

Without a doubt, if something like the above were to happen again, the Cardinals defense, which currently ranks in the top five in the NFL, would receive a very considerable boost to become serious candidates to win the next Super Bowl LVI. Will we see JJ Watt on the field again this season?

Antonio Brown, suspended for “misrepresenting his vaccination status”

Bad news for the Buccaneers. This Thursday, through a statement, the NFL made it official that WR Antonio Brown was suspended three games for violating the protocols against COVID-19. The league and the players’ union found that Brown was one of three players who “misrepresented their vaccination status.” A former Brown personal chef commented earlier this month that the wide receiver had obtained a fake COVID-19 vaccination card during the previous offseason.

Also suspended for three games were team backup safety Mike Edwards and WR John Franklin III, who is currently a free agent after Tampa Bay discharged his services last August. All three players accepted the punishment and none will appeal it, the NFL itself reported. In addition, as reported by Jeremy Fowler from ESPN, they are already vaccinated and admitted to having committed irregularities in the league’s investigation process.

The result of the investigation carried out by the NFL found that Brown carried a false vaccination record with him to the training camp of the Buccaneers, however, shortly after he arrived, someone told him that it could cause him problems, so Brown finally decided to get vaccinated, reported Dan Graziano of ESPN in a report.

Brown and Edwards suspensions are without pay. Both will be eligible to return to the Buccaneers roster for next Sunday, December 26, against the Panthers. Additionally, Graziano adds that the NFL and NFLPA negotiated the length of the suspension prior to Thursday’s official announcement:

“The NFL-NFLPA jointly reinforces their commitment and further emphasizes the importance of strict adherence to protocols to protect the well-being of all those associated with the NFL,” the league and players union said in a statement.

Looking at it in detail, the loss is not much for Tampa Bay. Brown was not expected to play in the team’s next two games due to an ankle and heel injury that has kept him out since Week 7. However, the extra-court scandals caused by COVID-19 around the league are continuing. and some wonder if the NFL has remained lukewarm with the penalties imposed. What do you think about the disciplinary measures Brown, Edwards and Franklin III received?

Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins would play in Week 13

Very good news for Arizona, who would see an improvement in their roster heading into Week 13. Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, This Thursday it was reported that the Cardinals expect both QB Kyler Murray and WR DeAndre Hopkins to play this coming Sunday when those led by Kliff Kingsbury visit the Bears:

“They told me both players are expected to come back and play for the Arizona Cardinals this week, barring some kind of mishap,” Rapoport said. “For Kyler Murray it has been a sprained ankle that has kept him on the sidelines for almost a month, three games and then the bye week. For DeAndre Hopkins, it was a hamstring injury. “

Murray has been absent due to a sprained ankle suffered in Arizona’s Week 8 loss to Green Bay. Since then on several occasions his participation has been considered a last minute decision, only to finally be replaced by veteran QB2 Colt McCoy. Hopkins, meanwhile, has been recovering from a hamstring injury and has been replaced by teammates WR AJ Green, Christian Kirk and Rondale Moore.

This 2021 Murray records a total of 186 complete shipments for 2,276 total yards, 17 TDs and 7 INTs. For his part, Hopkins accumulates 35 receptions for 486 yards and 7 TDs, so, without a doubt, his return would boost the offense of some Cardinals who, with a 9-2 record, will try to establish themselves at the end of the season as the best National Conference team. Does the return of both players guarantee a victory for Arizona over Chicago?

Russell Wilson “doesn’t need” rest to recover from injury

In more NFL news, since QB Russell Wilson returned from a fateful finger injury that took him multiple weeks off the field, the Seahawks have not known victory. For these reasons, it is inevitable to question whether the poor results are the result of Wilson not being 100% ready to play. However, HC Pete Carroll thinks otherwise, and this Thursday he pointed out that his star quarterback “does not need” any kind of extra rest to recover from his mishap in the middle finger:

“You don’t need it,” Carroll noted of Wilson, via the Seattle Times. “It’s okay. It feels very good. You don’t feel burdened by past surgery or all that. It is ready to play. You do not need to rest. He is not tired. It’s not out of stock or anything. It needs action. He needs to get back to activity and he needs to play more and get into rhythm as much as possible. “

Getting into rhythm has been the hardest thing in recent games for Wilson. After missing a total of 5 games due to a tendon tear in the middle finger of his pitching hand, he returned to action three weeks ago, however, since then he has only recorded 55% of complete shipments for 615 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs, leading the Seahawks to three straight losses that rank them as the second-worst team in the NFC, just ahead of the Lions. Has Wilson unnecessarily hastened his recovery?

This is today’s NFL news.

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NFL News – Friday, December 3, 2021