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Getty Justin Fields is already the subject of trade rumors after one season with the Chicago Bears.

Justin Fields has played just one NFL season for the Chicago Bears, and one analyst thinks that has been enough.

In his April 15 column for Sports Illustrated, Conor Orr analyzed Chicago’s offseason so far and laid out why he thinks the league needs an NCAA-style transfer portal for Fields and young players like him who are drafted. for bad teams.

In college, when athletes are interested in transferring schools, they simply request to have their names listed on the transfer portal, which they can also choose to drop out of. Once in the portal, other schools have the opportunity to contact the players, providing them with new opportunities. Orr thinks that’s what Fields and the NFL need.

“Fields, or any player in a less than ideal situation, should have the opportunity to work with the NFLPA to request a different assignment,” Orr wrote, adding, “This would force teams to maintain a more consistent competitive spirit. , or, at the very least, be more open with their fan base about the way forward and offer up-and-coming players some form of back-end protection.”

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Orr: ‘Poorly executed’ teams ‘deserve’ to lose their players

The Bears have had one of the quietest offseasons of the 32 NFL teams, and new general manager Ryan Poles has been careful with his spending, adding discreet free agents like wide receivers Equanimeous St. Brown and Byron Pringle and the offensive linemen Lucas Patrick and Dakota. Dozier rather than any of the bigger names on the market.

Considering how much Fields needs both wide receivers and an offensive line to protect him, Orr believes the Bears quarterback has more reason than the other signal-callers in his draft class to be upset about his Current situation:

Look around the league at the rest of the 2021 class quarterbacks. The Jets tried to trade for Tyreek Hill. They signed one of the best tight ends in free agency… They spent a lot of money on a guard. They’ll almost certainly add help on the offensive line with one of their top four 40 picks. The Jaguars spent a comical amount of money to pacify Trevor Lawrence, though we could debate whether that money is really well spent. Last year, the Patriots provided Mac Jones with two new tight ends and two wide receivers. There is an encouraging and supportive demeanor that seems largely absent in Chicago.

When challenged on Twitter, Orr didn’t argue, but also noted that he believes poorly performing teams “deserve to lose their players.”

sure, if we want to abolish the draft, then something like that makes sense. But the point of the draft is for teams to pick players, not the other way around. That is the fundamental difference with the university.

— Johnathan Wood (@Johnathan_Wood1) April 15, 2022

Brilliant! Franchises *that* are poorly managed deserve to lose their players. Unofficial descent.

— Conor Orr (@ConorOrr) April 15, 2022

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Bears Nation reacts to Orr

Orr acknowledged that it was Chicago’s previous general manager, Ryan Pace, who is largely responsible for the team’s current lack of game change on the roster, also crediting the Poles for their conservative approach this offseason. .

“Poles is doing what any smart GM would do,” Orr wrote. “He is not irresponsibly throwing money at a situation. He is not sacrificing the future capital project. In fact, he is trading players like Khalil Mack for more capital. This is the best plan for Chicago to move forward as an organization. But not for the quarterback.”

Naturally, Bears Nation had plenty to say on the subject:

This is the most ridiculous statement I think I have ever heard.

The NFL transfer portal is called…Free Agency.

Also, the comments about Fields and the Bears are seriously off the mark. QBs elevate the game and the Bears need to rebuild the roster.

You get the QB first. https://t.co/DhAiS3HiCu

— The Irish Bears Show (@IrishBearsShow) April 15, 2022

So the Bears are taking everything down around Fields when they kept the three targets he threw the most, getting better at center and adding a speedy WR who’s really good at getting open, all with an eye on the draft? Let’s go guys.

— Jay Stueckemann (@JayStueckemann) April 15, 2022

Many fans reminded Orr that the Bears had one of the worst passing offenses in the league under former coach Matt Nagy when Fields was a rookie last year:

I’m not advocating talent around Fields because he’s not good enough. However, I don’t think people realize how bad the plays were last year and how much that matters. That has to get better because it literally can’t get any worse https://t.co/kkP8qu8Xtz

— Bear Blog Guy (@TommyK_NFLDraft) April 15, 2022

Others noted that much depends on Fields himself:

The only thing Justin Fields can control is himself.

Josh Allen didn’t suddenly transform and became incredible in processing and accuracy because of the WRs around him.

Quit the nonsense.

Anything Fields needs to improve can and should be done independently. https://t.co/HqW8W9mBA1

— Dhruv Koul (@DhruvKoul) April 15, 2022

Bryan Perez of The Draft Network also called Orr’s article “very wrong”:

I don’t think football writers are paying enough attention to what’s really going on with the #Bears. Guess it’s gotten “cool” to trash the Bears and Justin Fields in the last few weeks. This article is way off, on many levels. https://t.co/4DjcivIpe6

– Bryan Pérez (@BryanPerezNFL) April 15, 2022

It’s clear the idea of ​​Fields leaving Chicago is unpopular, and the Poles and company have doubled down on Fields as their quarterback, but Orr reminded everyone that what coaches and GMs say and do are twofold. very different things.

Someone added to this column and said there’s no way the Bears could do Fields wrong because the head coach and general manager said “Fields is our guy.” Boy, I have some press conferences to show you. About 300 of them from the last 20 years. https://t.co/J6WKReSOU3

— Conor Orr (@ConorOrr) April 15, 2022

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