NFL: Mitchell Trubisky would be taking advantage as the Steelers’ starting quarterback

According to Ian Rappoport of the NFL Network, Mitchell Trubisky would be shaping up to take the starting job at quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers the 2022 season, the first without the historic Ben Roethlisbergerwho retired once the 2021 academic year ended.

The reporter has indicated that during training camp, Trubisky has taken almost all the reps with the Steelers first team, holding an advantage over Mason Rudolph, and rookie Kenny Pickett.

However, things may change between now and the start of the season in September, as Rapoport added that Pickett has been improving day by day, and has pleasantly impressed the Pittsburgh coaches, so it only remains to wait for the final decision. , who will have it mike tomlinhead coach.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers, tied with the New England Patriots As the most successful Super Bowl franchises in history, they are used to having historic quarterbacks in their ranks, always among the most outstanding in the NFL.

The last great quarterback was the aforementioned Ben Roethlisberger, who lasted 18 seasons as head of the Steelers, managing to win 2 Super Bowls, in addition to adding 6 selections to the Pro Bowl, and being a 2-time leader in passing yards.

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Trubisky, who for now has the lead to be the new starting quarterback, his most notable accolade is being selected to the Pro Bowl in 2018, when he was the starter for the Chicago Bears, while Mason Rudolph has been a backup since 2017 for the Steelers, and Pickett will obviously be getting his first pro experience this year after starring in college.

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NFL: Mitchell Trubisky would be taking advantage as the Steelers’ starting quarterback