NFL: Meet Daniela Zubia, the Mexican who aspires to reach the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos

The first Mexican cheerleader in the Denver BroncosDaniela Zubia, says that her dream does not stop at reaching the NFL: she affirms that she wants to accompany her team, led by quarterback Russell Willson, to a superbowl.

“It doesn’t matter how big your dreams are. They can be achieved. It’s hard work that will lead you to achieve them. I’m not satisfied with having made it to the Broncos. My hope is to stay here and accompany them to win a Super Bowl Zuba said.

Since 2021 Daniela Zubia is part of the “cheerleaders” of the Denver Broncos. The native of Chihuahua, Chihuahua, shared this experience that she said goes beyond moving pom-poms and dancing during games.

“People think that being a ‘cheerleader’ is just standing up, wearing a nice uniform and dancing, but it’s so much more. There is a lot of work with the community, we live with children and young people to convey the message that they can achieve the dream they set for themselves,” he explained.

These coexistences have marked the Mexican, who acknowledged that she never imagined that from that position she could be a source of inspiration.

“They invited me to talk with a group that only Latino boys attend, it broke my heart when a girl told me that seeing me in the Broncos made her see that there are no limitations, that it made her see that she can achieve her dreams, that He has no words.”

Zubia detailed the process to become part of the Broncos cheer squad.

“It’s a long process. The preliminary dance rounds are attended by 200 girls. In the semifinals there is a professional interview in which they evaluate personality and what we can offer the community.”

The last part of the interviews includes an evaluation of the knowledge of the teams of the NFL and the history of the Broncos.

“We have an examination of football, the history of the NFL, the teams, how the game is played, and of course the history of the Denver Broncos, it’s a tough examination.”

With that knowledge of the game, Daniela chose Von Miller as her model player, a historic linebacker for the Broncos with whom she won Super Bowl 50, in addition to having eight selections. Pro Bowland that he will now play for the Buffalo Bills.

“My favorite player is gone, it’s Von Miller; a legend for power, for his leadership; In addition to the fact that he was a fan of Selena Quintanilla and that ended up tying with my taste. “

Cheerleader since she was 14 years old in Mexico, where she was eight times national champion; with the national team she obtained a bronze and two gold medals in world championships; Daniela Zubia assured that she is ready to stay in Denver for a long time.

“The entire selection process ends with a final in which there is a dance round to see how we perform on the field. This was my first season with the Broncos, but I want many more and I will give everything in me to continue. this dream”.



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NFL: Meet Daniela Zubia, the Mexican who aspires to reach the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos