NFL makes decision with one of its Wild Card Round games


For the first time in history, games by the Wild card They will be played for three consecutive days.

Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020 Wild Card Round


© Getty ImagesCleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020 Wild Card Round

The 2021 season of the National Football League (NFL) It is becoming historic, not only because its regular phase calendar will be extended by a week, or because of the records that are being conquered, but also because of the format that its Postseason.

Let us remember that in 2020, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, competition increased the number of teams qualified for the Playoffs, from 12 to 14, where top seed from the American and National Conferences received a bye week for the Divisional Round.

For NFL 2021, not only will the number of franchises that advance to the Postseason be maintained, since through an official statement it has confirmed the extension of the games by the Wild Card Round, going to be played from two to three days.

The new NFL measure for the Wild Card Round

This means that between the Saturday 15 and Monday 17 January 2022, the six games will be distributed to find those classified for the divisional rounds, with two games on the first day mentioned, another three on Sunday 16 and the inclusion of Monday Night Football for this year.

So things, the schedule for the Wild Card Round of the 2021 NFL season, which will run one week after the end of the regular phase, will be distributed as follows:

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Match 1: 4:35 PM (Eastern Time)
Match 2: 8:15 PM ET

Sunday January 16

Match 3: 1:05 PM ET
Match 4: 4:40 PM ET
Match 5: 8:15 PM ET

Monday January 17

Match 6: 8:15 PM ET

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