NFL: Legend alive! The legendary Tom Brady turns 45 today, with his sights set on an eighth Super Bowl title

The whole world came to a standstill when weeks after the 2021 season of the National Football League (NFL) will end, the great Tom Brady announced his retirement from the gridirons at age 44, after his second season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneersand 22 as a professional.

However, the planet was paralyzed again, when little more than a month later, the considered best football player of all time, backed down, assuring that he had ‘unfinished business’ with the ‘Bucs’, for what he did not retire, and would return to play his 23rd season.

Today, Brady is celebrating 45 years of lifeof which more than half, counting their years as a university student, have dedicated themselves to the sport that has given everything, and even so, they do not take their eyes off the goal, which is to win an eighth superbowl.

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For the legendary quarterback, it is not enough to be the most successful player of all time, having 7 Super Bowl championship rings, having won 6 for the New England Patriotsand one more with the Buccaneers in 2020, since he knows that with the team he has in Tampa Bay, they can fight for a new victory in ‘Super Sunday’.

At 45, Brady will be looking to break his own record for being the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, having done so at the age of 43 in 2020, when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by Patrick Mahomes, who looked like the big favorites.

Brady has won 7 Super Bowl titles, 6 with the Patriots, and one more with the Buccaneers. Photo: AP

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5-time Super Bow MVP, 3-time regular season, 15-time All-Star, 2-time Offensive Player of the Year, 5-time TD passing leader, 4-time passing yards leader, 2-time leader in passer rating, 2000 Team of the Decade, and 2010 Team of the Decade, as well as owning just about every record a quarterback can be awarded, and yet, for Tom Brady, there will always be room in his display case for one more Vince Lombardi trophy.

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NFL: Legend alive! The legendary Tom Brady turns 45 today, with his sights set on an eighth Super Bowl title