NFL in Germany? Could be reality for season 2022

American football fans have wondered about the NFL in Germany, so the National Football League announced that on Tuesday, October 12, the tthree cities in Germany who will be candidates for a regular season game next season.

And it is that, London and Mexico are not the only destinations that the league contemplates, because the NFL has been a global phenomenon, because of this the league has in mind a well-known headquarters, because the country has a taste for American football , so a regular season game will be a success.

On The Truth News We share that after 22 years of belonging to the NFL, Tom Brady achieved a new record, got five touchdown passes in his first game and more than 400 yards, a figure that he had never achieved in his 22-year career in American football.

NFL in Germany, they will choose three cities

Germany will have NFL in 2022

It is worth mentioning that it was the owners who approved, in the same way they revealed the extension of one more game to the regular season. Starting in 2022, at least four international matches will be played, so each team will take turns for a match outside the United States.

Regarding the 2021 NFL season, games were arranged in London on Sunday, October 10 between the Falcons and the Jets, while the second game will take place on October 17 outside the United States between the Jaguars and Dolphins. .

On the other hand, users have questioned why they chose Germany for a regular season game, since in several cities they had many professional teams in a league called NFL Europe, since several teams were those who participated, there were five who played the league.

When did the football season start?

The 2021-2022 NFL season started last Thursday, September 9, where in the first game the Tampa Bay Buccaneers teams faced the Dallas Cowboys, but the Buccaneers beat the Cowboys at the start, so they started with the right foot in their own stadium and defeated to the rival team 31-29.

In week 5 of the games, fans will be able to enjoy live through the DirectTV Go service, ESPN’s signal, as well as Marca Claro’s YouTube channel, but now users are eager for the NFL in Germany, as 3 cities will be candidates to have a regular season game.

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