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When it comes to American football, the NFL is the star competition and the Super Bowl is the biggest event in the league that no one wants to miss.

What is NFL Game Pass and how does it work?

If you don’t want to miss the Super Bowl and you’re also interested in reliving the excitement of previous games, here we tell you everything about NFL Game Pass, a streaming service where you can absolutely watch all the matches of the 2021-22 season live and on-demand.

Even non-sports fans don’t miss the event for the exciting performances and halftime show and this year promises entertainment with high-end artists such as: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dog and Mary J.Blige; so either way the event is worth following.

You’ll also be able to watch exclusive Super Bowl commercials and the entire halftime show.

NFL Game Pass is a streaming service where you you will have access to all 256 games of the regular season and you will also be able to watch the games of the postseason and of course, you will be able to follow the Super Bowl LVI live and see every detail of the halftime show.

It is a product fully authorized by the National Football League and has been in operation since 2002, so on the platform you will find exclusive content.

To have access to the platform it is necessary to subscribe and pay an annuity or monthly fee (when available), this varies according to the plan you wish to purchase.

What makes it a perfect service for NFL fans is that works on almost any device with internet connection such as: mobile phones, tablets, video game consoles, computers and any other equipment that has access to the internet.

In addition, subscribers will be able to enjoy replays, interviews and any type of broadcast that relates to the league.

Another advantage of this platform is that it can be used even in 5 devices at once, it doesn’t matter if they have the same IP address or share WiFi.

And as if all these advantages weren’t enough, every year it is updated with new information about the teams, rosters and the content is downloadable. Also, if you access the Pro plan, you will have access to unpublished information such as new players and team changes.

Plans available for the 2021-22 season

The NFL Game Pass platform offers users 3 types of plans:

  1. Super Bowl Pass: This plan has a value of 0.99$ and offers access for 31 consecutive days, subscribers of this plan will also be able to access Super Bowl LVI live and then you can request access to the re-recorded broadcast.
  2. Pro: The Pro plan costs $12.99 per year and if you access this plan today, you will enjoy the service until July 31. In addition to the basic broadcasts, you will also be able to access the exclusive commercials, the 2022 NFL Draft live and you will have access to all the broadcasts of the league 24/7.
  3. Free: It is basically a free trial, where you can see the preview of the matches, a 5-minute summary of the matches and a library with subtitled content.

However, the plans may vary in cost according to the country where you are. For example, the Pro plan has some restrictions in the UK and Ireland, while the free plan has some limitations for NFL Game Pass Mexico.

Also, if you are in Europe, the cost of the annuity and/or subscription may vary.

How to register on the platform?

To register and enjoy all the streaming and live service offered by NFL Game Pass, you must first access the official page and then follow these steps:

  • Go to the main page and click on the “Sign up now” button,
  • Once this is done, the platform will ask you to choose one of the three available plans, select the one you prefer according to the functions you are looking for,
  • Once you choose the plan of your choice, click again on the “Sign up now” button that is just below the plan,
  • Next, you must complete the registration form with your basic information and right here is when you are going to enter the NFL Game Pass promotional code,
  • In the last part select your favorite league team, confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of the NFL and NFL Game Pass,
  • Finish the process by clicking “Create account”.

After completing the registration, the platform will ask you to select your payment method and pay the amount for the subscription.

NFL Game Pass: Benefits

Payment methods accepted in NFL Game Pass

Among the methods available for NFL Game Pass Mexico or any other authorized country are:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • PayPal

*If you choose the Free plan, you will not need to enter credit cards or any other payment method.

Countries where NFL Game Pass works

You may think that this is an exclusive service for the United States and Mexico, but no. You can have access to Game Pass from any continent and it is a platform that you can access from more than 200 countries.

So if you’re a true NFL fan, you’ll be able to register from any country and see all the live games of the season, follow the preview of the 32 teams.

Is there an NFL Game Pass promotional code? – So you can use it

Although we do not have an NFL Game Pass promotional code NFL game pass, but you can purchase it by entering “Nfl pass price”.

The promotional code will give you special offers or even a discount according to the plan you choose.

To use any term of a promotional code, you must choose the plan that you like the most, follow the link that the platform will provide you to subscribe. Then, after entering the payment method, you will be prompted to enter the term of the NFL Game pass promo code.

You just need to make sure you enter the code before the registration process is complete, as once you register and the payment transaction is complete, there will be no way to activate the NFL game pass promo code.

Frequently asked questions about the service

The NFL Game Pass offers a really complete service perfect for any fan of the league and if you just want to watch the Super Bowl for the excitement of the Halftime Show, it’s also a great option. If you still have doubts, here we answer the most common:

Is it possible to cancel the subscription?

Of course yes. If for any reason you want to cancel your NFL Game Pass, you will have up to 14 days after subscribing and paying to make any type of cancellation or suspension.

So now that you know you can change your mind in the first few weeks, your experience on the platform will surely be different. In case you choose to continue your subscription on the platform, you will have to wait until the automatic renewal window for the next season appears before you can pay.

Also, if you choose the Super Bowl plan and later want to switch to the Pro plan, you will also be able to switch after the 31-day expiration date.

What does NFL Game Pass offer?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Game Pass is a service that offers fans of the American Football League the possibility of following live all the games of the preseason, the regular season and the postseason, of course, it also has Super Bowl coverage.

That said, the service may vary according to the plan that each subscriber chooses, but the basic ones are:

  • NFL Network live 24/7
  • 5-minute highlights from the regular season and postseason
  • Highlights for 60 seconds of Sunday’s games
  • preview of each game
  • Library with content available with subtitles
  • Access from different devices at the same time
  • You will not run into spoilers

All NFL games

Can I pay for this service in installments?

Although it is not a service that can be paid month by month, the Game Pass offers users the possibility of subscribing (with any plan) and making payments in 4 installments.

For example, if you choose the Pro plan, you can make the subscription payment and then affiliate your credit card so that the service makes the first billing of the first installment, after that, you can make payments of the same amount in cycles of 30 days until all four payments have been made.

Is there any kind of special discount?

The cost of this service is quite affordable, that has been the focus of NFL Game Pass, so that any fan can access it.

That said, apart from the discounts you can get with promotional codes, the platform has an exclusive discount for the United States military. All personnel who are part of the country’s military will be able to access a 25% discount.

Finally, if you want to try the platform before signing up and choosing a plan, you can sign up for the free version, although you will not be able to watch the Super Bowl, you will have access to other features.

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NFL Game Pass: Promotional code and all its information – Ballon Latino