NFL Fantasy 2021: Top 5 Tight Ends for the Season

The beginning of the season is getting closer and closer, that’s why since Bolavip we are doing the positional rankings for the leagues of Fantasy of the NFL. Here, you will find the best players of each position.

In this case, it’s time to talk about the tight wings. Those players who are receivers and also blockers, but for Fantasy, what matters is your ability to receive, not to block. Often times, they are the favorite weapons of teams in Red zone, which is good because they produce a lot of touchdowns.

Some are only used in the & nbsp;red zoneOthers everywhere and others maybe just on special occasions. But having a reliable one on your Fantasy team is essential. For that reason, it is that here are the top five & nbsp;tight ends & nbsp;for the Fantasy 2021 season.

5. Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens

Mark Andrews is always looking for the big play. (Photo: Getty)

Mark Andrews is the favorite weapon of Lamar jackson on Baltimore. That already makes it helpful for the game. The downside is that the team of Ravens does not abuse the aerial game. His average yards per pass attempted to him is 10.19 which is very high. It is a TE that always has a big play per game.

4. Kyle Pitts, Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts is very agile for his size. (Photo: Getty)

It is always risky to choose rookies, but many times they are bets that go well. That should be the case with Kyle Pitts in the Falcons, since he was chosen in the fourth position of the Draft by have WR skill with TE body. Also now that he’s gone July jones, there is a space that should be filled by the young man & nbsp;rookie.

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3. Darren Waller, Las Vegas Raiders


Darren Waller was a nightmare for every defender in 2020. (Photo: Getty)

Darren waller he is third by very little, could be second. It was last season, when it wreaked havoc with Las Vegas and Derek Carr. It is the clear choice No. 1 of his team, he has no competition in that sense. The 146 passes attempted to him last year were the most for a tight end.

2. George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers

Geoerge Kittle.

George Kittle is very elusive. (Photo: Getty)

George kittle much of 2020 was lost with the 49ers, and still maintains the status as the second best TE in Fantasy, and the most complete in the NFL. His ability to get yards after the catch makes him incredibly valuable to the game. If he stays healthy, he is a star.

1. Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs


Travis Kelce is the king of TEs. (Photo: Getty)

The Chiefs has all the weapons any team would want. Travis kelce is no exception. He broke the yardage record for a TE last year and finished as TE1 in Fantasy in three of the last four bells (in 2017 it was second). This year should be no different.