NFL: Dallas turn? Vaqueros plans to settle among those who ended their long drought

Dallas, Texas.- The Dallas Cowboys live a winning period in the current 2021-22 season of the National Football League (NFL). The return of Dak prescott He helped the team to recover emotionally to achieve a winning streak that placed him in the leadership of the East of the National until he was proclaimed champion of his division.

The Cowboys They completed a month without knowing defeat and with a record of 11-4 in the Blue Conference, they are among the strongest teams in the regular period and with many expectations to be made for the next postseason, which will be the first they will play since 2018. .

Even last night’s win at AT&T Stadium, hosting Washington Football Team, helped to display the style of play of the DC team as its strength inside the field, since on Sunday Night Football Dallas broke certain records, under 56-14 on the board and at the same time stated that it comes for things big in this campaign 102.

With two weeks to go in the regular season of the current championship, the Cowboys were out of reach of the Philadelphia Eagles (8-7), Washington Football Team (6-9) and New York Giants (4-11). creating enthusiasm for his fans who hope to celebrate the Vince Lombardi again, something that has not happened in 25 years.

Dallas humiliated Washington
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However, in this 2021-22 season of the NFL Things could change and in a greater way for the blue star, because throughout 2021 there have been certain teams in the world that have broken their own malaria and those led by Mike McCarthy plan to be the last to do so.

In soccer, basketball, baseball and even in American football, different places won the title of their campaign, including international tournaments at the national team level, so the Cowboys will look for the formula to emulate that opportune moment, which could happen for him. February 13, the day that the Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium.

Dallas plans to break its title drought
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In soccer, the teams that were crowned in the current year were Atlas, Cruz Azul, Atlante Italia, Argentina, Atlético Mineiro, River Plate, Atlético de Madrid, Inter Milan, Lille and Sporting Lisboa. In basketball, the Milwaukee Deer achieved a new NBA ring. In the Major Leagues, the Atlanta Braves were victorious. While in the NFL itself Tampa Bay Buccaneers broke their trophy fast and the Dallas Cowboys will go in search of increasing that prestige.

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NFL: Dallas turn? Vaqueros plans to settle among those who ended their long drought