NFL breaks record of Covid-19 infections in 2021: There are 664 cases

NFL records more than 500 infections from Covid-19 in December, a number that represents a negative record in the matter. The figure includes players, coaches and staff.

And it is that, in all season 2020, the NFL accounted for 300 infections of Covid-19In other words, the month is not over yet and that number has almost doubled.

According to the National Football League itself, there are currently 521 people with a positive test for Covid-19.

That is, only in December they are already 221 more cases than in all of 2020 and the number is expected to continue growing, since just last Monday 106 players entered the protocol list before Covid-19.

Covid-19 cases in the NFL during 2021 exceed 600

NFL (Fredrick Lee / Unsplash)

To give us an idea of ​​how alarming the situation is, it is worth saying that, throughout the season 2021 of the NFL, they are already 664 accumulated cases.

It all started in September, when they registered 32 positive cases of Covid-19. In October they were 29, 82 in November and 521 in December.

So, in short, one in four NFL players has caught the coronavirus discovered in late 2019.

However, the National Football League reported that the majority of infected players have taken a mild form of the illness.

Vaccination position in the NFL

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Although in U.S There is a wide vaccination coverage, which allowed teams to immunize their squads almost 100 percent, there are those who oppose receiving biologics.

Even some members of different staffs they resigned their positions because they do not want to be vaccinated; but yes, they were reinstalled.

Furthermore, cases of players who lie about their vaccination, so that the numbers of immunized are perhaps not the most exact.

In order for vaccination to be effective, the NFL became more severe on the protocols From Covid-19, for example, matches can no longer be rescheduled as was done in the 2020 season.

Although in Week 15 three matches were rescheduled for different Covid-19 outbreaks.


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NFL breaks record of Covid-19 infections in 2021: There are 664 cases