NFL Betting Trends Week 9 – Season 2021

Welcome to NFL Week 9 Betting Trends, After several weeks in which favorites dominated the betting world, it’s time for the underdogs. In the previous week, ten of them covered the line and also eight won their match.

Obviously, the biggest surprise was the Jets, who trailed by 11 points with 5 minutes left on the clock and still managed to beat the Bengals 34-31. In the end, they not only covered the spread double digits, but they charged a + 420 / 5.20 ratio in the moneyline. I hope they didn’t put them in their Survivor.

Let’s go with people’s most popular bets heading into NFL week 9:

Minnesota Vikings @ Baltimore Ravens

79% of the bets are with Ravens -6

John Harbaugh is a machine against the spread after the bye week. Since taking over the Ravens, he is 9-5 (64% effective) after the bye.

The Vikings are a top 11 team in DVOA, so a -6 spread sounds high, however this team seems disconnected and will be tasked with coming back from the fiasco against Cowboys and Cooper Rush.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars

79% of the bets are with Bills -14.5

I hate supporting a double-digit favorite in the NFL, I just don’t feel comfortable backing teams that are so public and with such inflated lines.

Having said that, the Bills’ margin of victory in this game is 26 points, so they should have no problem beating the Jaguars.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles

75% of bets are on Chargers -1

Hmm … this stinks of a trap line. The Chargers are still a playoff team, right? After two consecutive defeats they are bound to win, right? They only have to win by one point to cover the line, right?

I think I already explained myself.

Las Vegas Raiders @ New York Giants

75% of the bets are with Raiders

We all know what happened to Henry Ruggs III this week. The fact that the betting public fully supports the team, after so many distractions, is surprising.

Las Vegas was the 11th pass offense in the DVOA rankings. How much is this attack affected by the absence of its starting receiver?

New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers

73% of bets are with Patriots -3.5

Who understand them? One week they are convinced to blindly take out the Pats and the next they automatically back them up.

New England was undervalued by the market for several weeks due to their poor record, but the Pats are back at .500 and tied for seventh in the AFC, but the casinos have already adjusted and I don’t think it’s a good idea to back them up. of -3.

These are the NFL 2021 Week 9 betting trends. We await your comments below this article and on our social networks.

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NFL Betting Trends Week 9 – Season 2021