NFL: Bengals bet on Burrow amid new philosophy

CINCINNATI.- Cincinnati’s success in the season of the nfl has been due in part to the ability of joe burrow to process and act, completing small window passes and working through team deficiencies and turning broken plays into first downs.

Meanwhile, the ground game of the Bengals it has become a second option.

The Bengals finished the regular season 29th out of 32 teams in the NFL — averaging 92.9 yards per game — the fewest except for two other postseason teams. and the fewest for any team that advanced to the divisional round.

Cincinnati finished with 100 or more rushing yards in just three games. The last time was in the victory in week 14 against the browns.

In its last two games against Baltimore — in the regular-season finale and in the wild-card round — Cincinnati had 106 rushing yards. The Bengals have averaged just 58 in their last four games..

The offensive coordinator Brian Callahan acknowledged that “we are not a team that loads volumes”, but he assured that deemphasizing the running game was not intentional, but the way that has worked for them in recent months.

“First of all, we faced very good defenses. We face some teams that are determined to stop the running game and are good at it,” Callahan said. “The second thing is that I think we learned to throw the ball better in recent weeks.”.

The Bengals overhauled an offense that had underperformed before this season. This has helped stop pass rushers, who made Burrow the most-sacked quarterback in 2021 and left him banged up after the loss in the super bowl before the rams.

His 68.3% completion percentage placed him second in the 2022 regular season behind geno smith from Seattle. His 297.7 passing yards per game trailed only patrick mahomes of Kansas City. Burrow threw a career-high 35 touchdown passes and tied for second with Josh Allen from Buffalo.

Due to a series of injuries, The Bengals will have four backup starters on the offensive line in the divisional game against Buffalo on Sunday. Fortunately, nothing bothers his 26-year-old star.

“I think you need that mentality as a quarterback on this roster if you want to really be successful —you can’t get scared at the moment”, he indicated.


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NFL: Bengals bet on Burrow amid new philosophy