NFL | Antonio Brown, again involved in a harassment scandal and censored for his behavior in a pool

Anthony Brownreceiver of the NFL who remains a free agent seems not to learn from his mistakes and is once again immersed in the scandal after he sexually harassed a woman in the pool at the Armani Hotel in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The 34-year-old has been without a team since he took off his uniform in the middle of the Los Angeles game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and throw it against the fans, a situation that cost him the expulsion of the institution, in addition to dragging a long history of scandals.

This time Brown was seen swimming naked in the pool of the luxurious hotel harassing a woman to whom he exhibited his member in view of all those present and tried to rub his buttocks on her face.

A person recorded the moment and according to witnesses to the events, the woman was not accompanying Brown, even grabbed her by the waist and threw her into the water when she tried to escape from the former receiver, so the hotel authorities proceeded to remove the American of the place. Other witnesses told The Post that the hotel had received complaints from Brown about not respecting dress codes and smoking what appeared to be marijuana in his room, a situation that would violate the laws of the country.

Antonio Brown was caught harassing a woman

Antonio Brown with a long history of scandals

It is not the first time that Antonio Brown has been in the eye of the hurricane since in the 2020 season he was suspended for eight games for violating the personal conduct of the NFL after the personal trainer, Britney Taylor sued him for sexually assaulting her; however, both parties managed to resolve the matter in 2021 without disclosing the terms of the agreement.

A year earlier, the receiver was charged with robbery and battery in Florida after a moving driver pointed him out to attack him when he was delivering some of his possessions that had been moved from California, for which he had to serve two years of probation. , in addition to taking courses for anger management.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Antonio Brown walking off the field out of uniform

Andrew Mills/AP

During his time with the Oakland Raiders he threatened his general manager, a situation that cost him his departure from the institution.

Most recently, in 2021 he was released from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after walking out of a game against the New York Jets after arguing with his coach. Brown took off his uniform and threw it at the fans. The team offered to help him with his mental health, but he refused.

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NFL | Antonio Brown, again involved in a harassment scandal and censored for his behavior in a pool