NFL and the plan it has to modify one of the most controversial rules of the game

One of the most controversial points that the nfl For the past few years, it’s been the question of penalties for roughing the quarterback, so there would be an intention on the part of the managers to review the rule and, if necessary, carry out some modifications.

Executive Vice President troy vincentassured that the issue will be discussed during the December meetings, and thus determine the best course of action, which could include the possibility that the coaches can request a review via challenge, or as in the case of the annotations, it is determined from Headquarters in New York.

Overprotection of passers?

“Officers have been consistent and accurate, but they are human. There will be a healthy discussion during the offseason with the competition committee. I look forward to that discussion,” Vincent said, adding the possibility of a player being sent off as part of the contemplated changes.

Despite the existing criticisms under the argument of overprotection of quarterbacks, the executive highlighted a decrease in the punishment of roughness against passers. In the 2021 season, up to week 14, 121 handkerchiefs were recorded for this type of action, and in 2022 up to the same day, they decreased to 76.

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During the current season, there were penalties that brought discussion of adjustments to the passer roughing offense to the table, as occurred in Sunday night’s game between Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphinsfor a play where Jaelan Phillips made a good tackle on Justin Herbertbut he was still penalized.

While there are other times when it has been judged correctly, the fact that various voices in and around the NFL are making judgments against the parameters of the current rule, just as was once the case with the receiving process , has forced to resume revisions to the rule with the aim of gradually improving the show.

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NFL and the plan it has to modify one of the most controversial rules of the game