NFL 2021 Predictions – Week 8

In a week of 13 games like the last one, we basically had no changes in positions, but the fight of the NFL 2021 predictions continues. Now there are 15 games in week 8, where only the Ravens and Raiders will rest, in addition to Mexico we will watch the games an hour earlier from Sunday because daylight saving time ends.

On Thursday we expected a great game, I still hope we have it, but the Packers’ contagion situation will have them with losses in their body of receivers like Davante Adams. Let’s see what Aaron Rodgers does and what he has left on offense to try to take the Cardinals’ undefeated at home.

On Sunday we have closed duels, although not all for the right reasons. The Panthers and their bad step will travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons, who little by little are coming out of the bad starts; The 49ers in Chicago sounds like a cheat game because we have seen a drop in the level of San Francisco and now they travel to face some Bears who generate little confidence.

Steelers and Browns will face each other since last season’s playoffs, although the locals will be a bit depressed by injuries and Pittsburgh is coming off rest; AFC duel between the Titans and Colts where the visitors come from important victories, but at home and the locals who have seen better.

The Chargers will seek revenge for last season’s disastrous loss to the Patriots by Mac Jones; the Broncos host Washington in what seems like a complete unknown and the Buccaneers could give the Saints their second loss in their dome this year.

Sunday night we will see a game of great attacks when the Cowboys face the Vikings, in a duel of quarterbacks who are playing well. Monday will give us a confrontation between two teams urged by victories, and that on paper the locals should win, but they have not inspired confidence to assure it.

By the way, this time we add a difficulty factor that will be counted independently: Safe Picks, Surprise Pick, Doubtful Pick. The Insurance is the one that receives the guarantee from the staff member that it will be a victory. Surprise is where you think there would be an unexpected win for being an underdog. And finally the Doubtful is that pick that took a lot of work to make the decision about the winner.

Among the most prominent NFL 2021 predictions of this week 8 from the staff are:

  • Only Carlos and Ulises believe in the depleted Packers as visitors
  • Jorge ventured with the Colts
  • Half of the staff is with the Lions and their first win
  • Diego and Pamela believe in the Bears without Nagy
  • Pamela, Diego and Jorge go with the Broncos
  • Nobody trusts the Panthers anymore and less the Vikings at home

These are the NFL 2021 predictions of our staff:

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NFL 2021 Predictions – Week 8