Neymar reappears ‘overweight’; memes do not forgive

Neymar reappears overweight memes do not forgive

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After a America Cup somewhat disappointing, where lost the Final with Argentina, Neymar keep enjoying your holidays, prior to meeting with him PSG and boy did he have a great time, because they appeared photos from the South American a little ‘overweight’, according to fans.

As often happens to some athletes on the preseason, the party and the carefreen of being with his team makes them fall into some ‘excesses’, being the food one of the pleasures they enjoy the most … but also the one they criticize the most.

Is Neymar so bad?

Via social media some circulated photos of Neymar where ya it doesn’t look so thin like a few months ago, well netizens they criticize it because ‘you can see his belly’, Besides that ‘he no longer has his squares.’

You can see Neymar on a yacht, besides being with some friends, very happy and carefree, but as always the eyes of the fans did not lose sight of him and they began to criticize and compare it.

Among all the comments that have come to light, Neymar is compared to players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who also uploaded photos on their vacation but showed themselves to be in great physical condition.

Besides this, did some montages, where they gained much more kilos, and they compared it with players like Eden Hazard or Gonzalo Higuaín, who, as they comment, have lost interest in being thin.

There are many comments and memes against the physical appearance of Neymar, but many of them may perhaps be somewhat exaggerated.

The League 1 begins officially this Friday, August 6 with the match between AS Monaco and Nantes; the Neymar’s PSG will debut until Saturday 7 when measured at Espérance Sportive Troyes.