New England Patriots lose key player for remainder of NFL 2021


The offensive value suffered the injury in the last game against the New Orleans Saints and had just signed the extension of his contract for the entire season.

New England Patriots offenses against New York Jets


© Getty ImagesNew England Patriots offenses against New York Jets

With a negative record on the back of a win and two losses, waiting to receive after 20 years to Tom brady for the duel before Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in the New England Patriots suffer from the loss of one of their offensive figures for the remainder of the 2021 season in the National Football League (NFL).

Thinking back to the match for Week 4, the coach Bill Belichick received the bad news that the broker James white suffered an injury to his right hip, and reportedly Adam schefter, of the chain ESPN, the discomfort ended up being a subluxation.

Due to the magnitude of the injury, after undergoing an MRI, it was confirmed that the offensive will not be able to play with the Patriots for the remainder of NFL 2021, at a time when he was leading the team’s attack, with 12 receptions for 94 yards, plus 38 yards on 10 carries in three games.

Patriots lose James White for remainder of NFL 2021

One of the team captains, the safety Devin McCourty, referred to this news and indicated that “James is the silent leader. Obviously, not having a guy like that hurts as a team; he’s off to a great start, and you hate having to see the long road back that comes with being injured, but he’s one of the strongest people I know. I know he will recover “.

To add insult to injury, prior to the start of this NFL season, White had signed an extended contract with the Patriots for $ 2.46 million, so we will have to wait for a definition about his future in the competition.

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