Moriba ‘earthquake’ continues: Iliax responds to criticism for not renovating in Barcelona

The last days have not been calm or happy in the . The departure of Lionel Messi hit everyone at the club greatly, but the renewal negotiations of They are ending with the little tranquility they had to continue this start of the season without their top star.

The 18-year-old midfielder was harshly criticized in the last hours for demanding more money to renew, but it was the Dutch coach, Ronald Koeman, who spoke at the last press conference and generated an impact with a phrase that could mark the outcome of the talks.

“His situation is horrible, for me. He is 18 years old, he is young. My advice is that money is not the most important thing. It is playing games. The player with his people decides differently and I am disappointed with that. That is not the most important thing ”, said the DT last Friday.

Moriba breaks his silence with a post on Instagram. (Capture / Instagram)
Moriba breaks his silence with a post on Instagram. (Capture / Instagram)

The words of the coach had an impact on the world and the player was no stranger. On his Instagram account, Moriba replied with an image and the following phrase: “Thousands of rumors and nobody knows the truth.” A reply to the information and opinions that are being published about his situation at Barcelona.

Moriba’s contract expires at the end of the current season and Barcelona has already sent him a renewal offer that did not convince the Ilaix environment. The intention of the club is to keep its young figures for the present and future, but the player’s position did not fall well and they would have sent him to the stands until his case is clarified.

For now, there are clubs interested in having the services of the 18-year-old midfielder, one of them being Leipzig. Barcelona will not agree to negotiate for the player for an amount less than 15 million euros. The novel looks like it will have a few more chapters.

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