More than a million tickets have been sold for Qatar

A federal judge today ordered the suspension of bullfighting shows in Plaza México.

Jonathan Bass Herrera, First District Judge in Administrative Matters, granted the provisional suspension in an amparo promoted by the Just Justice civil association, in the following terms:

“The provisional suspension is granted, for the purpose that while the definitive suspension resolution is issued, the responsible authorities refrain from executing the contested acts, for which they must immediately suspend the bullfighting shows in the Benito Juárez City Hall in Mexico City, as well as the granting of permits to carry out said shows.

The judge will decide on June 2 whether to grant a definitive suspension, which would last for as long as it takes to resolve the amparo trial that challenges the authorizations for the bullfights, which can take from six months to a year.

Meanwhile, the Mexico City authorities identified as responsible in the amparo can challenge the provisional suspension before a collegiate circuit court.

Plaza México has already had three bullfights and two bullfights between April and May, and the next event of the season is a bullfight on July 2, followed by two bullfights and three bullfights between September and October.

In recent weeks, several civil associations have promoted protections of this type, seeking a judicial blockade against bullfighting in the Capital, but no judge had granted a suspension to stop it.

The Legislative Assembly of Mexico City has been discussing initiatives and rulings for years to ban bullfights, but there has never been a majority to approve them.

On June 1, the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice – where Bass was secretary to the retired Minister Fernando Franco – will discuss, and probably approve, a sentence that launches a strong condemnation of bullfighting and cockfighting.

In this protection, the Court will not prohibit bullfights, but will invalidate a decree of the Nayarit Congress that in 2019 declared bullfighting as intangible cultural heritage of the entity.

The project in Court describes the “excessive and agonizing pain” suffered by the fighting bull, affirms that bullfights violate the human right to a healthy environment, and outlines that the Judiciary will not object to the reforms to state laws to prohibit the wild party.

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More than a million tickets have been sold for Qatar