Micah Parsons’s level is extremely impressive at this point in the game.

If there is one defensive element in the Dallas Cowboys that is standing out on the lone star team, it is rookie Micah Parsons. Coming to the organization by chance of life, since it was known that there were other plans with other elements, without a doubt it was the right decision. Not only does the boy act like a pro on the playing field, but he seeks to make a big difference. In short, he does not give up on anything or anyone, he is always collaborating with the team.

You see that every week, but it is worth highlighting his presentation at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs. In a hostile environment, where the audience is extremely noisy, that seemed to matter little to Parsons. He would end the day with four solo tackles. But in addition to this, with 12 pressures to the Marshal and two sacks. During one of them, Patrick Mahomes would end up releasing the ball. Which was recovered by Tarell Basham for the cowboy team.

When Micah Parsons is said to be a relentless gamer, there is every reason to do so. At the time of the draft, Micah was selected as a linebacker, taking into account that during some aspects of his career, he came to play as a defensive end. With the injuries to DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory, the rookie has been used in that position. Which has suited him like a glove, since so far, he has eight sacks by Mariscal. As if that were not enough, he goes for the record for the most sacks by a rookie in the NFL.

There are still seven games to go in the regular season for this to happen, but Micah with his eight sacks is very close to the 14.5 that Jevon Kearse made during the 1999 season with the Titans. At the rate he is going, it is possible, and not only to match it, but also to overcome it.

“He’s a special player,” rival quarterback Patrick Mahomes said of Parsons. “To be as good as a linebacker and to be able to play defensive end, there are few guys like that in the league. It has a great engine, it chased me on that catch. Throughout the game, he was battling nonstop all the time. “

“Looking at it, it will give the impression that the game is slow for him,” said an NFC personnel director who remained anonymous. “He’s gone from dominating one position to several, because they’ve moved him to a lot of different positions, and the production is really starting to show itself.”

According to Pro Football Focus, entering Sunday’s game, Parsons’ pass rush rating of 92.1 was the highest among NFL linebackers. This is another small sample of the great level that the rookie has and all that he can achieve in the remainder of the season.

Of course, this production places Parsons in the talk of defensive rookie of the year. As if that were not enough, he could be the defensive player of 2021 in the entire NFL. The boy is taking all the credit, so it will be a discussion that will continue for the rest of these months.

After the loss to Kansas City, Parsons was very direct and knows what to do. “I have to continue being who I am and keep working,” said the defender. “There are many things that I have yet to achieve. I am hungry more and more every week. Right now, they are just flashes. I have not yet found my true potential. “

We’ll see what happens during the Thanksgiving game against the Raiders. What is certain is that Parsons will be there to draw more numbers not only for his personal account, but for the team. And unlike what was experienced in week 11, the offense is expected to respond adequately and not the disaster that was seen last Sunday.

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Micah Parsons’s level is extremely impressive at this point in the game.