Micah Parsons is willing to win the next Super Bowl with Dallas

With the 2021 season now over, many players are beginning to mentally prepare for the upcoming campaign. Of course, the ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl with your teams, giving your best possible contribution to that goal. And, in the case of the Cowboys, someone who has that goal clear is Micah Parsons.

This is how the linebacker let him see it last Sunday on his Twitter account. Parsons was present at SoFi Stadium during Super Bowl LVI, where the Rams were crowned NFL champions. And from there, watching the celebrations of the Los Angeles team, Parsons uploaded a photo expressing his wish for the next campaign.

It’s not the first time Parsons has made clear his desire to win a Super Bowl anytime soon. During this past training camp, the rookie went out on a limb to predict that the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl within the next two years. And that’s something he reaffirmed during an interview last week, in the days leading up to the NFL grand finals.

“I really think so”Parsons said of a potential Super Bowl title for the Cowboys anytime soon. “I see the guys around me, and they all want it. If we clean up the little details, oh my God, the sky is the limit.”

Of course, Parsons has not been the only one to raise expectations around the cowboy team for the 2022 season. Last Sunday, the cowboy team published a video on its official Twitter account to start raising the “hype” towards the next campaign. Although, that is to say, this has become a custom of the cowboy team at the end of each season.

Now, can Micah Parsons lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl anytime soon?

It’s no secret to anyone that the Cowboys have enough talent on both sides of the ball to win the Lombardi Trophy. However, the team has many bugs to fix. And that was evident in their elimination at the hands of the 49ers in the wild-card round, where almost all of Dallas’ recurring lapses of the season surfaced.

However, if adjustments are made, Parsons could be key to winning a Super Bowl. This would not be the first time that this has happened. We have already seen in other NFL finals how defensive players are key to leading their teams to the title. Such was the case of DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller with Denver in the 2015 campaign. Or, without going too far, Aaron Donald with the Rams in the NFC final and in the Super Bowl.

That desire to win the Lombardi Trophy is a sign of Micah Parsons’ mentality and “hunger” for titles. The linebacker comes from making history by becoming the first player to unanimously win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award according to the Associated Press (AP). And not only that, but he also became the first Dallas player to win that award.

Now, expectations are running high for Parsons heading into his second year. And even more so when it was revealed that the linebacker played the entire 2021 season with a hyperextension in one knee. Despite that annoyance, the Penn State product put up impressive regular-season numbers: 84 combined tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 30 quarterback hits, 13 sacks, three passes defensed and three forced fumbles.

There is no doubt that Micah Parsons has the potential and skills to be a stronghold in the Cowboys’ defense. It remains to be seen whether the linebacker can meet the expectations around him, and his own expectations as well. It is true that the cowboy team has many things to adjust to really be a candidate for a Super Bowl. However, Parsons may be one of his best cards to point toward that goal.

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Micah Parsons is willing to win the next Super Bowl with Dallas