Micah Parsons is visualized with Trevon Diggs as a better defensive duo than Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey

2021 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Parsons found it disrespectful that Diggs was not named Defensive Player of the Year after leading the league with 11 interceptions.

The one selected at 2021 Pro Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsonsaffirmed this Tuesday that it is a matter of time so that he and the cornerback Trevon Diggs be better than the duo of champions Los Angeles Ramsmade up of Aaron Donald Y Jalen Ramsey.

“I think we can become them, even better if we learn together, stick together and keep our will to go after the ball, that’s what makes the player,” the linebacker explained.

Parson’s Y diggs are 23 years old, both had a spectacular regular season in 2021 with the cowboys. Micah was designated Defensive Rookie of the Yearhad 84 tackles and 13 quarterback sacks; Trevon accumulated 52 tackles and 11 interceptions, with which he led the NFL.

Those numbers, compared to those of Aaron Donald31 years old, and Jalen Ramsey27 –despite their greater experience–, they don’t leave them in a bad light.

donald he had 84 tackles and a half sack less, 12.5, than Parson’s. Ramsey he had 77 tackles and just four interceptions.

Despite beating one of the best quarterback rushers in the NFL, Micah Parsons showed his respect to the defensive tackle of the rams.

“I am not saying that it will be easy, it is difficult to say that we are the best because I know that we are young, we still make mistakes and it is difficult to beat Aaron DonaldI think the best defensive player in historyAlready pull Ramseybut I think it will be possible,” he added.

donald Y Ramsey They have played together in rams since 2019 and are one of the best defensive duos in the league. Aaron has been three-time Defensive Player of the Year and eight times he has been selected for the Pro Bowl; pull adds five selections to Pro Bowl of the NFL.

The confidence that Parson’s has in himself led him to ensure, a couple of weeks ago, that in the 2022 season he will make at least 15 quarterback sacks. That same faith, he stressed, he has in Trevon Diggs.

“Definitely, Trevon he was the best defensive player in the league last year; he had 11 interceptions, so it’s disrespectful to me that he wasn’t considered for that appointment; he deserves all the credit in the world and to be named one of the best.”

The award for Best Defensive Player of 2021 went to the linebacker of the Pittsburgh Steelers T. J. Wattwho tied the record for most sacks in a season in the NFLwith 22.5 that belonged alone to michael strahanformer star of the New York Giants.

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Micah Parsons is visualized with Trevon Diggs as a better defensive duo than Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey