Micah Parsons continues to give what to talk about after the last practices of

There is no doubt that expectations are high for Micah Parsons this year. After his great first season in the NFL. The linebacker is expected to top 2021 and be more dominant next season. And his performance in Cowboys practice has fans rubbing their hands together.

A clear example of this is his most recent viral play in training. In team drills last Tuesday, Parsons had no problem getting past veteran tackle Tyron Smith to get to quarterback Dak Prescott. Although sacks are not allowed in training, this would count as one.

Let’s remember that Tyron Smith, despite his problems with injuries, is still considered one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL. So the fact that Parsons was able to get past him with little difficulty speaks volumes about the young linebacker’s potential.

Of course, the linebacker didn’t go unnoticed at Wednesday’s practice in Frisco, either. In it, Parsons almost had an interception during team drills. This was reported by Patrik Walker, a reporter for the Cowboys’ official website. Unfortunately there is no recording of that particular play.

But this has not been all. During training camp in Oxnard, Parsons also went viral by easily outplaying tackle Terence Steele during team drills on more than one occasion. In addition, the linebacker was also very dominant during the joint practices that the cowboy team had with the Broncos and the Chargers in recent weeks.

Now, Micah Parsons’ performance isn’t the only thing impressing Dallas fans. In his statements to the press, the Penn State product is making it clear that he fully understands his role within the Cowboys’ defense.

“When I’m spying on the quarterback, rushing the passer, doing coverage, I have to be the person in that position for this team.”Parsons said last week after the first joint practice with the Chargers. “It’s not just about me. There are ten more guys on the field to help me do what I need to do, and they push me every day. I just own my role every day, and I have to do the best I can with that role.

Of course, something that Parsons also maintains is its voracity, its competitiveness and its “lion mentality”..

“Always go, even when it doesn’t work out for you”Parsons said. “You’re not always going to get the first gazelle. Sometimes it is the third. You have to keep hunting.”.

It is worth remembering that Micah Parsons left these records in the 2021 regular season: 84 combined tackles, 20 tackles for loss of yards, 30 hits to the quarterback, 13 sacks, 67 pressures, three passes defensed and three forced fumbles. This performance earned him the Defensive Rookie of the Year award, in addition to his selections for the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro first team, among other distinctions in the world of the NFL.

Now, the Penn State product is focused on outperforming his rookie year. In fact, among his goals is breaking the record for sacks in a regular season and winning the Defensive Player of the Year award. And, of course, taking Dallas to a Super Bowl and winning it.

For now, we’ll have to wait until the start of the regular season to see Micah Parsons back in action. The linebacker is not scheduled to play this Friday against the Seahawks in the Cowboys’ final preseason game. Either way, expectations remain high, and Parsons is keen to meet them.

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Micah Parsons continues to give what to talk about after the last practices of