Miami Dolphins close the door on Deshaun Watson; Houston Texans on hold

Miami will bet everything on Tua Tagovailoa, and will not seek to acquire the player from Houston, general manager Chris Grier said.

INDIANAPOLIS — The head coach of the Houston TexansLovie Smithsaid he had no idea if the quarterback deshaun watson he will be in the team’s squad for next season, but believes both sides will eventually “benefit from the situation”.

Watsonwho requested an exchange of the Texans as of January 2021, he faces 22 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault or misconduct. He reported to training camp last July, but did not play for the Texans throughout the campaign. The quarterback was disabled, healthy, for all 17 games and collected his $10 million salary.

Smithwho was promoted from defensive coordinator to head coach last month to replace David Culeysaid that although he does not know if Watson will remain in the squad Texans“the good thing is that time takes care of everything”.

“I only know that Deshaun He’s an excellent football player,” said Smith at a press conference on Wednesday. “Great football players need to be playing somewhere in the NFL. We hope that happens, and if it’s not with us, it will be with someone else, I’m sure… as I see in this situation, both of them will eventually benefit from the situation, and I can’t wait for it to speed up a little bit.”

Yes Watson is eventually exchanged, it will not be at Miami Dolphins. General manager, Chris Grierwho said last season that the team did its homework regarding Watson before finally deciding not to acquire it in exchange, he said this Wednesday that “the door is closed for Deshaun“, as Miami continues to build around the 2020 first-round pick, Tua Tagovailoa.

grier said the new head coach Mike McDaniel presented a plan to Tagovailoa during the interview process, and dolphins they’re confident enough to stick with the third-year quarterback.

Mike and his group have invested a lot of work and studied a lot to youand they feel good about his development and what he can be and how he fits into the offense,” said grier. “I think we’re fine with you“.

When asked if he believed that Tagovailoa can be elite grier replied, “I can’t say it can’t be.”

WatsonIn the meantime, he also hopes to find out if he will face criminal charges. his lawyer, Rusty Hardinsaid to ESPN in July that 10 women have filed complaints with the police of houston about Watsoneight of them after filing civil lawsuits.

Last month, Hardin said in court that the district attorney of Harris County will probably decide by April 1 whether Watson will face criminal charges. The same day, a judge determined that Watson he could be questioned in nine of the civil matters.

On Tuesday, the general manager Nick Caserio said that the Texans are “day to day, in terms of dealing” with the situation of Watson.

“Once the information becomes more relevant, or prevalent, then we will handle it accordingly,” he said. Hamlet. “My philosophy from the beginning has always been to do the right thing for the organization of the Houston Texans And we will continue to do so from now on.”

During his press conference, Smith said that the Texans expect a “quick resolution” to the future of Watson with the team.

“But, I am also a patient man and time usually takes care of everything,” he said. Smith. “We understand that this is the second year and I know that Deshaun wants to play and … will come to a resolution. I have faith in that. We just have to give it some time and hopefully everyone is happy with it. I’m sure that will be the case.”

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Miami Dolphins close the door on Deshaun Watson; Houston Texans on hold