Mexican soccer: which team has the most fans in Liga MX

Mexican soccer which team has the most fans in Liga

Year after year the soccer keep showing that it is the most popular sport in Mexico, despite the substantial increase in the number of fans in disciplines such as baseball, basketball, wrestling and tennis.

The study on soccer fans in Mexico

Thanks to the survey of Consult Mitofsky ‘Soccer Fans in Mexico 2020’, it is possible to know the percentage of fans that each team of the MX League.

According to this study, although there were no major changes in the general love for soccer during 2020, What was seen was an increase in the interest of young people and among women.

How many fans does America have?

Despite registering a decrease of 10 percentage points compared to the previous edition of the study, The america was placed as the team with the highest number of followers in Mexico by obtaining 23.9 percent of the votes. The top 5 of the clubs with the most fans are completed:

  1. America (23.9%)
  2. Chivas (21.6%)
  3. Blue Cross (10.9)
  4. Cougars (9.7%)
  5. Tigers (6.1%)

The Monterrey team registered a drop of 2.2 points compared to the previous year.

2020 Mitofsky Consultation

Top 10 teams with the most fans in Liga MX

The sixth place on the list was occupied by Monterrey with 4.2 percent, followed by León, who went from having a support of 2.9% in 2019 to 3.9% in 2020.

Necaxa (2.0%), Xolos (1.5%) and Querétaro were the other teams that registered an increase in fans in the last year.

  1. America (23.9%)
  2. Chivas (21.6%)
  3. Blue Cross (10.9%)
  4. Cougars (9.7%)
  5. Tigers (6.1%)
  6. Monterrey (4.2%)

  7. Lion (3.9%)

  8. Necaxa (2.0%)

  9. Xolos (1.5%)

  10. Queretaro (1.5%)

Teams with loss of supporters

For their part, the clubs that registered a drop in fans were Atlas (2.6%), Toluca (2.5%) and Santos Laguna (1.6%), despite reaching the most recent final against Cruz Azul.

Special mention deserves the Puebla, who went from 1.7% in 2019 to 0.5% in 2020. That is, in one year it registered a 1.2% drop in its total followers.

The clubs with the least followers in Mexico

Pachuca He did not have any movement within his hobby, so he maintained 0.6% of the votes, the same percentage that he has obtained since 2018.

While in his first appearance in the studio, Mazatlan it obtained 0.6% of the votes, thus occupying the 13th place on the list.

Juarez (0.2%), Athletic San Luis (0.3%) and White Roosters (0.4%) are the three teams that were at the bottom of the list, that is, they are the teams with the fewest fans in Mexican soccer.

The most hated teams in Liga MX

Just as it is the team with the most tuned in the country, America also occupies the first place in the list made by the Mitofsky Consultation on the most hated teams.

Las Águilas obtained 31.4% of the votes, followed by Guadalajara with 16.7%, Cruz Azul with 9.8% and Pumas with 5.4%.